My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide

by Danie Wium,

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My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide is an e-book, written by Danie Wium, also known as ‘The Grape Guy’. The author owns a large grape farm in South Africa, where he’s been growing export-quality, award-winning grapes for over ten years. This comprehensive guide will show you how you can do the same.

In ‘My Grape Vine’ you will learn how to do it all – from start to finish. You will learn how to prepare your soil (even before you plant your grape vine), how to irrigate and fertilize your vineyard, prune it and get it ready for best possible grape production. Then, all you need to know is when and how to harvest it. All these grape growing techniques and more are included in My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide.

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Learned so much from this, and still learning
E. Kingsley (from Mountain Home, USA) posted this review on March 25, 2014

I’m so happy with the way the vineyard is going. My wife recently got some clients over to check our produce. They’re a medium-sized wine manufacturer and I’m looking forward to doing business with them. It’s awesome because we barely have time to visit the vineyard, yet it’s doing so well. This book is what encouraged me to turn my land into a vineyard. I was actually surprised that it did so well. This is highly recommended to those who want to setup a vineyard.

Earning good money from my grape vine!
Gary Dalton (from Cornish, USA) posted this review on February 17, 2014

I’m now earning good income from my grape vine. The money I get from selling grapes is awesome! I didn’t expect it to be this good. The land where I’m growing grapes is finally making some money. I was thinking about selling it before because it was no use for me and it was just costing me for the property tax. I’m glad I didn’t sell it. I’m also planning to sell processed grapes soon. I just have to invest on the equipment needed. I’ve learned a lot from My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide, and I’m already confident in my knowledge as a grape entrepreneur.

This made grape growing very enjoyable for me
Gary Kingsley (from San Francisco, USA) posted this review on September 7, 2013

My father left me a small vineyard when he moved to Asia with his new wife. The vineyard was a mess, but I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I had to revive it on my own. My wife suggested trying a different type of gardening, but it’s been a vineyard since I was a small boy, and I have a lot of memories in that place. I didn’t want to let it go. I didn’t have any idea about gardening or about grapes before reading this book. I was surprised that it taught me everything I needed to know to get started. There are explanations here on the different types of grapes that grow in the different types of weather and soil. That’s important for me because when I got the vineyard from my dad, it was in a terrible condition and it looked like the plants were not made for our particular weather and soil. Now, using the knowledge I gained from this book, I’ve made the vineyard so much better than the way I remember it when I was a kid. I’m already supplying grapes to one local winemaker. It’s not that big, but the money is good, and I get to keep my childhood playground for my kids. I enjoy tending to the vineyard now. I find it very relaxing.

Very detailed and definitely complete
posted this review on August 15, 2013

I find the grape grower’s guide very impressive because it covers all aspects of grape growing in all kinds of conditions. I have a small piece of land I had no idea what to do with. After consulting this guide, I was convinced that the best thing to do would be to grow a vineyard. I chose the kinds of grapes most suitable to my area, and I also chose my equipment, fertilizers, and pesticides based on the suggestions in this book. I have just recently started, but I already see how helpful this guide is. It is very accurate, and I feel like I now know what to expect every step of the way.  I am now planning how to construct support for my vines, so they can grow healthy, and so that my vineyard will look pleasing to the eye. My grandchildren might want to visit and I want my little vineyard to look as presentable as possible.

My vineyard looks like a real one now
posted this review on June 22, 2013

I started growing grapes 2 years ago. Lately, I’ve been wondering why they’re not as good as the ones I saw on the internet. I read a lot of gardening blogs so I get to compare my produce with other people’s produce and mine just seem so malnourished compared to others. My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide really helped me get the kind of harvest I want. The tips here aren’t just general ones. They’re different for different climates and situations and you really get natural ways to grow healthy grapes. No more spending too much money on commercial pesticides and fertilizers. Now, my vineyard looks more of a vineyard than ever. It’s got not just the look, but the produce of a real vineyard. I’ve started giving away some to friends and family, and I’m also thinking about selling some when I get the chance.

Our backyard has never been this lovely
Ellen Miller (from Yuba City, USA) posted this review on April 11, 2013

Who would have thought I could turn my little backyard into a little lovely vineyard complete with a pergola? I just did and most of the methods I learned from My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide. Upon retirement, my husband and I played with our backyard planting different crops. We started a cinder block garden, and then dropped the idea because it wasn’t that fun, and it made our backyard ugly. We wanted something that has the feel of a rest house, and that’s what we got when we started our own little backyard vineyard. This book taught us the right kind of grape to plant for our climate and for our kind of soil, and it also taught us how to take good care of our plants. The grandchildren love coming over to see our plants and to taste our produce. I would have included a photo of my little priceless backyard vineyard to give you an idea but this website won’t allow me. You just have to see for yourself.

It's a complete guide
posted this review on March 4, 2013

I think this is the best guide you can get if you’re just getting started with your own grape garden. I’ve a small piece of land that I wanted to turn into a vineyard because my husband and I like making DIY wine and stuff like that. We like playing with preserves. My Grape Vine helped me determine a lot of things. Like what kinds of grape to grow, and what kind of support to setup. There are also a lot other things you will learn from here that you won’t find anywhere else.

The instructions here are pretty impressive
posted this review on March 3, 2013

I am pretty impressed with the instructions on this book. I was able to grow a great mini vineyard in my backyard. The book is meant for a larger vineyard, but there’s no reason not to be able to scale it down for a smaller place. Here you will learn everything from constructing your trellises, or pergola in my case, to keeping your grapes healthy and disease and pest free. It’s really got everything you need to know. This is perfect to read before you start to setup your vineyard because you will know here whether or not your climate or location is suitable for growing grapes. You will also know the right kinds of grapes to grow in your place. You will also learn how to prepare the soil for your grapes, and how to make sure that you plant them correctly. They’re vines, so you should plant them right if you want them to grow healthy. There are a lot more information you will get from here that you won’t get anywhere else. I highly recommend this if it’s your first time planting grapes.

I'm sure this book will teach you everything you need to know!
posted this review on February 10, 2013

My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide helped me grow healthy and juicy grapes. I’m now making money selling my grapes, and my family also loves eating them. I can’t believe it’s this easy to grow delicious grapes. The book taught me everything I needed to learn, form choosing seedlings to making sure they are healthy and free from insect attacks. My friends are really impressed with the quality of my produce. They say they’re better than those they buy in supermarkets. Well, of course they are! I grow them with tender loving care, and I’ve been a gardener for years, it’s just now that I ventured into grapes. But don’t worry, if you’re new to gardening, I’m sure My Grape Vine: The Complete Grape Growers Guide will be more than enough to teach you everything you need to know. Good luck on your grape growing adventure!

It made me more excited to have my own vineyard
posted this review on January 6, 2013

I don’t have a vineyard yet, so I haven’t tried the techniques here yet, but they’re all logical and backed by years of the author’s experience. I’ve read many other guides on growing grapes, but this is the best among them all. They’re not general gardening tips. They’re specific tips for people who want to have a thriving vineyard. I got more inspired to chase my dream vineyard after reading this book. I hope to get it setup within this year.

Highly recommended read
Todd Alacio (from Billings, USA) posted this review on October 9, 2012

I’ve been into gardening for quite a while, but I’ve never considered growing grapes until I got this book. I find it very informative, and it’s such a nice read. However, I still got to find some land to plant grapes in as I’ve already filled my backyard with other plants. I’m really pushing this because the income opportunity is just great.

Great read for those who want to have a vineyard
posted this review on August 15, 2012

This is an interesting read. I’ve been thinking about having a grape vineyard, and playing around with winemaking, and this book has given me so much information about it. Although I’m not ready yet to work on my own vineyard as of the moment, I’m sure the information from here will be helpful once I get the land needed to set one up. This book covers everything there is to know about growing healthy and productive grapes. I think it may not be as easy as it seems on the book once I start doing it hands-on, but having all the essential information before getting started will be really helpful. If you are considering getting a vineyard started, this is a must-have course for you. I suggested not even starting before reading it as it might lead to plenty of wasted time, effort, and resources.

Interesting and informative
posted this review on July 9, 2012

This book is great. I’ve been looking for a good thing to do with the land my parents left me, and I found this. I’m now starting my own vineyard, and I’m looking forward to setting up a business from it. This book has been very helpful through the entire process, and I’m still consulting it until now. It is an interesting and informative read all aspiring grape growers should have as a reference.


"Could not put it down"

After receiving the My Grape Vine e-book and beginning to read it, I simply could not put it down. This book is so well written that even a person with no knowledge at all about growing grapes can easily understand and follow the directions given.

The drawings and photographs are excellent and make this a very user friendly book indeed. The written work is very easy to understand and is not complicated by a lot of scientific jargon. I commend Danie on an excellent product and I recommend anyone considering growing their own grapes to buy this e-book.

I am looking forward to putting this knowledge to good use and growing the best grapes that I can for my family.

Tina Barnes,
New Zealand

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