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My Shed Plans (also known as My Shed Plans Elite) is a complete course on building outdoor sheds and woodworking projects. With this guide you can build your own shed from absolute scratch even if you are a complete beginner. In My Shed Plans all the planning is done for you – it contains plans for over 12,000 woodworking projects, from garden furniture, full size decks, outdoor sheds, birdhouses, and many more.

All plans in My Shed Plans are complete from start to finish. They come with photos, diagrams and explicit step-by-step instructions. For every project, the guide also contains a detailed material list.

All in all, My Shed Plans is a complete DIY package with a great value (lots of extra bonuses), written in an easy-to-follow ‘How to’ way that will make your every woodworking project easy to tackle.

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The plans are good but the whole package is a little bit disappo
posted this review on February 25, 2013

I got a good shed plan from this that I used for building mine, but it’s still disappointing because not all the plans included are shed plans. For some people that may be ok, but for me that’s a downside because they’re not very honest. I know it’s really cheap and that the plans are good, but they should have been more honest when it comes to their marketing strategy. The plans aren’t limited to sheds so if you’re a real woodworker and you want the shed plans to offer as part of your catalog, don’t expect to get that many plans from here.

I like this!
Thelma Johnson (from Interlochen, USA) posted this review on January 21, 2013

Yeah, I noticed that not all the designs here are sheds, but that’s fine with me because it has more shed designs than I need, and the plans are also well made. They are clear, and you really get all the measurements, the materials, very easy to follow. Also, the other plans that are included here as fillers could be useful someday when we want to build other structures in the backyard. All in all, I like this.

Just a personal review...
posted this review on November 15, 2012

This is just my personal review on the plans, so don’t kill me if you end up buying it and not liking it. The plans are good enough if you’re just looking to build a basic shed for your home. I wouldn’t suggest this if you have special needs because you might have to get an architect of that, and spend a few hundred dollars. But if you just want an average shed that can serve as your shop, or something that just can house your equipment, this will be ok. Another thing I noticed about this is that there are plans here that aren’t really sheds entirely, but for me that’s a plus point because I don’t need that many shed plans because I’m building just one. The other plans I was able to use for other purposes, but that’s a totally different story. Bottom line is that if you just want sheds, this will be an easy to follow and very simple way to build one for yourself.

A lot of useful plans in here
posted this review on October 27, 2012

There are a lot of plans here, not just sheds. It might be a downside for some, but for me it’s a plus because I get almost all the plans I need for whatever structure I think of building, and that’s in one product, so I get to save money. The plans are also easy to follow, not all of them, but a lot of those I’ve checked are great.

I think this is a steal
Virgil Swenson (from Wallaceton, USA) posted this review on October 5, 2012

I couldn’t afford having my shed designed by a professional, so I had to settle for something like this. I was a bit skeptical because there are some bad reviews on this site, but I told myself that it’s this cheapo guide or nothing, so I settled for the cheapo one. I have very little experience in carpentry, so I needed a really good plan if I want to come up with something useful. I agree that it isn’t as organized as I’d want it to be, and that it took me a while to choose a design, but the one I got is fantastic! It’s very detailed and really easy to follow. I think it was a steal for $37. There are also some other plans in here that aren’t sheds but will be even more useful for me because I only need one shed. I don’t know about others but for me it’s better that I don’t get more than a thousand shed plans. Variety is good. The description of the product may not be accurate, and it may not be as organized as others, but I still think it’s a pretty good buy for less than $50.

I got a really good shed plan from here so it's worth the money
posted this review on August 12, 2012

I must have been lucky to find a really good shed plan from here. I haven’t checked all of the plans on the website, but I found some pretty good ones, and one of them I actually got to use in building my shed. It’s true that there are plans in here that aren’t too useful for me, but they might actually be useful for others so I’m not taking out a star for that. My main concern though is that it should be more organized and a preview should be available for each plan, so that it’s easier to choose. I also think that having videos available for beginners will be helpful. I understand that this isn’t a tutorial program on building a shed, but instructional videos will be a big plus for the package. Other than those two things, I think this has been worth my money.

Good enough for the beginner
posted this review on July 4, 2012

I’ve always wanted to build a shed and this did what it said it would. I chose one among the many plans inside it, and I was able to carry out exactly what I needed to do. I don’t know about those experts in building shed plans, maybe these seem too basic for them, but being an ordinary builder who simply wanted a shed, this was enough for me.

My Sh-t Plans
posted this review on April 23, 2012

Purchased the so-called systems!

Not at all what is advertised, customer service is non existent!  Trying to get my money back, however, the credit card company is having to deal through an internet bank

These guys are fraud artists, if I don't have any luck with the credit card company, I'm going to pursue federal criminal charges as these guys work across state lines!

Not what I was expecting
posted this review on October 15, 2011

This is one of the sites that I've seen a few honest reviews so thank you to the owner... After you buy the plans you get an email offering money to advertise. Which explains the large number of sites with similar pics, formats and testimonies? The first question is whether or not the product is worth the money and I would say there is enough useful info to justify the price, but for the most part it looks like a compilation of free material that is on the web already. He did the leg work for you. But to say there are 1200 shed plans I doubt it. I found the same plan in 3 of the folders and a few other duplicates. Even if there are 1200 (which I doubt) the word shed is used loosely. There are garages, green houses, and other structures that aren't very useful if you really want a shed. If you need sealed prints like I did, don't bother (living on the gulf coast has many standards because of hurricanes). I finally had to ask around until i found an engineer that could draw them for $200 - $300 (I was given prices as high as $1500). Although an effort was made to group the info, there are just so many folders and files that it is hard to sort through the useless and useful. I would recommend buying a well written and organized $20 book.

trying to get a refund
posted this review on August 30, 2011

They are making it very hard to get a refund.

Ryan's not as helpful as he claims
finddominic (from Gainesville, USA) posted this review on October 5, 2010

I bought the product and expected to get 1200 shed plans in a download; instead the files are all individual on his site and to download them all would take hours if not days. What's worse is after sending emails and filling out a service ticket I received no replies concerning a refund.

So between the advertised 5 minute download being false and ZERO customer service I would say buy your plans elsewhere.

If you were in my boat and want a refund contact ClickBank which the order goes through and you can get one there but the My Shed Plans site is worthless.


Quality designs

I liked the overall package and systematic step by step approach. Been looking for something like this for a while. I really like the quality of the designs and layouts; especially the gambrel roof shed plans.

Paul Roberts

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