Never Diet Again

by Rob Nelson,

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Never Diet Again is a revolutionary weight loss system that works on your brain, instead of your body. According to Rob Nelson, creator of the Never Diet Again program, it is not food intake that causes people to gain weight, neither is lack of physical activity. Thoughts or what he calls inner settings cause the body to store more fat than usual, and keeps it coming back after you have lost it. By resetting these settings, you will be able to lose fat without dieting and excessive exercising.

Inside the Never Diet Again program, you will learn Rob Nelson’s Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. These techniques will eliminate the thoughts that are subconsciously commanding your body to keep the weight even as you diet and exercise regularly. Since Rob Nelson is a psychotherapist, his expertise lies on manipulating the mind to produce tangible results in your body.

To help hasten your weight loss, Rob Nelson threw in bonuses that focus on different aspects of losing weight. The additional eBooks are Cravings And How To Eliminate Them, How To Stop A Panic Attack In Minutes, and Avoid Like The Plague: 9 Things You Really Don't Want To Eat. These additional resources will keep you on the right track throughout your weight loss journey.

If you have tried tons of diet and exercise programs, but have not seen noticeable results, the problem most probably lies in the way your mind works. By eliminating the thoughts that cause your body to pack on weight, you will be able to shed off fat quickly and with little effort.

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I’m so grateful for this program!
On-Site Review

I am an over 40 woman who has struggled with my weight for my whole adult life. I have always been between 20 to 40 lbs. overweight and, like so many others, have dieted my way up and down through the years trying everything under the sun.

I’ve also struggled with deep depression because of my weight and what I saw as my “lack of self-control” and failure to attain my ideal. Basically, I was living my life fixated on my weight issues and sometimes wished I could just give up the struggle.

The idea that my weight issue ran deeper than just diet and that my emotional makeup might be playing a key role really struck a chord with me but I didn’t want to invest in years of expensive therapy to unearth what my deeper issues were around “being fat”.

I wanted the short cut. That’s where Never Diet Again plugged in. I figured I’d give it a try.

I’ve been completely amazed by my results. It seems almost too good to be true but when I look in the mirror, I have to accept my success.

Just by spending literally a few minutes each day reading the Script and Tapping the Points, I found that my voracious appetite had faded away. My cravings dropped away so naturally it’s almost as if I never had them.

Then the pounds fell away. I began to shed my “fat suit”. Within a week, my pants were hanging loose on me. By the end of three weeks I had lost 12 pounds.

It has now been 6 weeks and I have lost over 25 pounds and I am almost at my ideal weight. I did it effortlessly. No trying to control myself. I didn’t diet. I just naturally felt like eating healthier. It just felt right, that’s all. I wanted to move my body more. It was like everything finally clicked for me, like my sabotage switch got shut off and I was finally free to decide for myself day by day, how I wanted to eat.

Whoever said “It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you” was totally right. I’m so grateful for this program!

Marianne S.,
Redding, California

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