Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets

by Jimmy Cox,

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If you're already investing in the stock market or, even if you're still contemplating buying your first blue chip, you've probably already heard about the success of one Nicolas Darvas, a dancer who's made 2 million dollars from his investment of $25,000 within 18 months. Well, now you have the chance to learn exactly how he's done it. The entire Darvas' strategy is presented in the 'Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets' e-book, written by Jimmy Cox. Jimmy Cox is a follower of Darvas and a successful trader himself.

In this e-book, Jimmy explains why 99 percent of the existing trading systems are bound to fail. He then explains the Darvas' strategy that worked for Darvas then and works for him now, 50 years later. Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets will work equally well for a pro and a rookie trader by explaining in great detail how to recognize the right moment to enter and the right moment exit the market. Once you know that, there really is nothing else you need to learn.

So here are some of the specific points that the Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets e-book will teach you:

  • How to use the Darvas box method
  • How to determine the exact time to enter and exit the market
  • The three crucial components all trading systems must have
  • Fatal flaws to avoid in most trading systems
  • Darvas' 20 point checklist

Jimmy Cox meant for this e-book to serve as a step-by-step guide to both pro and rookie traders alike, so that once you finish the e-book, you know enough and you are all set up and ready to start trading.

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The 20 point checklist alone is already worth the money
posted this review on July 1, 2014

Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets is the most effective way to make money from Forex trading. I am so happy with this trading program even if it was difficult to understand at first. At least now, I’m already making real money from Forex. Nothing beats the classics when it comes to trading. The longer it has been tried and tested, the most effective it usually is. Simply using the 20-point checklist is enough to make money from Forex trading. I definitely learned a lot from this program.

Amazing trading system
posted this review on June 17, 2014

Amazing classic trading strategies in this trading guide. Nicolas Darvas did great in his course and Jimmy explained it so well too. I was barely earning any money when I got this trading system. The Darvas box method is very simple to use. After understanding Jimmy’s explanation, you will be surprised just how much more profitable trading will become for you. I have tried many other trading systems, but really, nothing beats Darvas. There are also “crucial” components of trading systems here, and they make trading a lot easier for me too. I highly recommend Darvas trading method for beginners and old-timers alike.

It's filled with practical trading tips and tricks
Mike Mesra (from Lubec, USA) posted this review on April 22, 2014

This is filled with so many practical trading tips and tricks. Some of them I have already figured out on my own, but put together, they do make a powerful trading system that protects your money from impulsiveness and other emotional trades. I like the book in general, although the way of writing could have been improved and made more interesting and newbie-friendly. There is room for improvement, but in general the content is great and I’d still say that it’s worth spending some money for.

Simple and practical system
posted this review on October 20, 2013

I’m not sure whether or not this was the same system that Nicolas Darvas used, but it sure works. I did a bit of research on Nicolas Darvas, and I’d say his wasn’t just this system, it was also luck. I have relied on luck for most of my trading career, for 2 years. I’ve been trading only for 2 years, the bulk of that on my own. After a major loss that left my wife fuming, I decided it’s time I do some research on trading. I read a lot of great, almost legendary stories about Nicolas Darvas, and found this system too. Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets has improved my trading so quickly. It surprised me too how much better the returns have been because of this system. I learned all the flaws of my previous trading strategy, and why I lost so much money from it. I also learned how to make my own trading system in the future when I learn more about trading. For now, I’m already earning good money using Darvas’ style, so I’ll keep on using it while I’m still earning from it. Lastly, I like how this style doesn’t keep me glued to my computer all day. It leaves me with some time to spend with my wife and kids, and that’s the best thing about it.

I earn more from here than from other systems
Mike Collins (from Tram, USA) posted this review on August 17, 2013

Darvas is definitely a smart guy. I’ve been trading for about 4 years now. Naturally, I’ve already used a lot of different trading systems, and even formulated my own a few years ago. When I tried the Darvas system I was surprised at how good it is. It’s very highly profitable, and easy to execute as well. Jimmy Cox explanation is just ordinary, but the system itself is exceptional. It is my go-to system right now because I earn more from here than I do from other trading systems.

This is one of the best, if not the best trading method
posted this review on July 10, 2013

I’ve read a lot about Darvas when I was just getting started with trading, but I had no idea that there’s actually a book about his trading method. I’ve been trading part-time for about 4 years now. I had ok results back then, mediocre results. On my 3rd year as a trader, I started formulating my own trading systems but they failed. That’s when I decided to hunt for the perfect trading system instead. I’ve been looking for the best trading system since then. So far, Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets has been the most successful trading system I’ve used. Although I still use other trading systems from time to time, I always find myself going back to this trading system as it has proven itself as one of, if not the most effective trading system. I don’t usually leave testimonials for products as I think it’s a waste of time, but I’ve been earning a lot of money from Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets lately, and I really owe a lot to the author, so I thought of leaving this here.

This really helped me achieve trading success
posted this review on May 11, 2013

Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets catapulted me to trading success. This is really the one trading system you need to know to earn big from trading. I can vouch for this, as I’ve personally experience its power.

This taught me how to trade the smart way
posted this review on April 25, 2013

I think this should be offered in print too. It’s a really good stock trading method, and I’m sure a lot of people would want to learn how everything is done. The Darvas method is all about maximizing profits, while keeping within the safe zone. That’s a little hard to achieve with other stock trading programs. I learned here what the best stocks are. My thinking before is that if I can buy it cheap, then it’s good, but this stock trading guide helped me determine which stocks are worth buying, and which ones are more likely to rise soon. The discipline tips are also good because I’m a little bit of an emotional trader.

Darvas' methods are smart and precise
posted this review on April 23, 2013

The trading rules in this book are so exact and simple that it’s really easy to fail. My trading has become a lot better since getting started with the Darvas method. It’s no doubt that Nicolas Darvas got some luck with him when he was trading, but his system is really smart too. Entry and exit points are explained really well, and the signs to look out for when buying stocks are also very precise. This also explains the telltale signs of a bad trading system. I’ve been into this whole trading stuff for a few years now, and I’ve purchased many stock trading systems before. I appreciated only 3 of those I’ve bought, this being one of them. Profitability still varies and there’s still some judgment to be made, but the checklists in this guide help a lot in decision-making. I also love the discipline part of the system. It explains how you can have rock-like discipline, which is clearly important in trading. You will be able to avoid rash decisions with these discipline techniques. There are a lot more good things you will learn from the Darvas system as you practice and put his techniques into play.

This changed the way I trade
posted this review on February 18, 2013

Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets is awesome because it sheds light on one of the most successful traders of all time. The Darvas method is really unique because you can use it for any market condition and expect the same profitability all the time. This guide will help you harness the full power of the Darvas method. I sound like a sales page, but it’s true. It’s really changed the way I trade.

I'm getting better results than I got from my signals service
posted this review on December 24, 2012

I don’t have much idea about Jimmy Cox, but I’ve read a lot about Nicolas Darvas. I read mostly about his trading story, and life story, but not much about his trading technique. Nicolas Darvas' Trading Secrets has got the entire trading plan covered. I’ve been looking for the perfect trading system then because I was failed big time by my favorite signals service. I thought I needed to learn how to do everything myself. The 20-point checklist included in the book makes the trading system easier to follow. It might be a hassle following a checklist like this at first, but when you get used to it, you’ll realize just how it makes your trading more accurate. I noticed that this gives me more profitable trades than my previous signals service. I was shocked too because that signals service was supposed to be handled by trading experts. Oh well!

An impressive trading sytem
Earl Keeler (from Mc Cormick, USA) posted this review on August 22, 2012

This book features more than just a trading system. It goes deep into other trading systems and strategies and tells you point blank why they’ll never make you money. While reading the system, I had plenty of aha moments, like I’m learning trading for the first time. The truth is that I’ve been trading for more than two years, but haven’t made any significant income yet. That’s two years of wasted time. When I learned from this book, I realized that the system I’ve been using is really not gonna work, so I tried the Darvas method. Surprisingly, my trades have become more profitable, and they’re less risky too. The entry and exit points are clearly explained in the book, so even those who have no prior experience in trading will surely learn fast. The checklist is equally helpful for both newbies, and those who are trying out the method for the first time.

I'm sticking with the Darvas method
posted this review on July 16, 2012

I’ve never heard of Nicolas Darvas before, but I thought his story was interesting, so I bought this book. I’m glad I purchased this before venturing into the trading world. It’s enlightened me on so many facts about trading that other money-hungry gurus keep from newbies. The instructions are so precise, that I did not study anything else aside from this before making my first few dollars trading. I’m still in the beginner stage, but I’m already earning from the Darvas strategy. I recommend this to all trading noobs out there. This is better than blindly getting into trades and losing all your capital. It’s always great to have a system to rely on, and this is something that works.


I believe this to be the most powerful, trading method I have ev

Not many people know but my personal trading system (the one I currently trade to this day) is based the Darvas box trading method. I believe this to be the most powerful, trading method I have ever come across. It’s simple, robust and more importantly incredibly accurate.

As far as I am aware your course is the first ‘complete’ Darvas trading system ever documented and it’s sure to be a winner for all who trade it.

David Jenyns

I feel honored to have taken part in its production.

The Darvas trading method revealed here in the Nicolas Darvas Secrets course is so ground breaking I feel honored to have taken part in its production.

What makes it so profound is its simplicity and clarity. Not just the method, but the perspective on trading. I was so inspired by the work on Darvas that I created a special whitepaper summarizing Darvas' insights.

Nothing has moved me quite like the Darvas story because it just makes so much sense. There is almost elegance to it.

Brian McAboy

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