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A lot of people try to make money on the Internet but fail. The truth is that some people just aren’t good in selling, and if you can’t sell it will be very hard to make any money.

Of course there are some ways of making money without actually selling. Adsense ads is one way to go, but using Adsense is becoming more and more difficult and payments you receive are not what they used to be. Most people just stopped clicking on Adsense ads, and the same can be said for banners. So if you want to make any money from Adsense of selling banners you’ll need massive amounts of free traffic to your site, which is extremely hard to achieve.

You could also make money by working for someone else. But that’s really not what people are looking for. The main reason that people are attracted to online business is the possibility of steady passive income. That means that ones you got your system in place, you keep making money for years to come, without putting in any extra work.

Ewen Chia has found another way of making good money online. He created what is now known as the No Sales System. Inside this e-book he’ll show you how you can start making money in just one or two weeks, without doing anything that we mentioned above.

The methods described in the by No Sales System are completely new, so you can be one of the first to take advantage of them. Ewen Chia claims that they are proven to work and he’s offering a full money back guarantee – if you’re not 'absolutely thrilled with his No Sales System' he'll give you back every cent.

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I get to earn with little effort
posted this review on September 3, 2012

This is a great course for people who are just getting started with affiliate marketing. I’m personally just getting started with it, and this is the course I’ve been using. It’s easy to understand, the explanations are detailed, and I’ve read a lot about the author, and he seems like a credible man, so I trust this course more than others I’ve seen online. I just got started with my business, it’s made me good money, but not so much yet. But it’s great since I don’t have to spend too much time in front of the computer anyway.

Ewen never runs out of surprises!
posted this review on July 29, 2012

When I read the salespage of this product I thought it was too salesy, but then the product was created by no less than Ewen Chia, so I gave it a try. I’ve tried one of his courses before and that got me started with IM. This one is a bit different from that, but equally profitable. I tried this system, and I prefer this to the first one. Although my first Internet marketing business is still running, I now spend more time for this system. My earnings have doubled since, and I do not regret investing on this product. I’m sorry I cannot reveal the system here out of respect for Ewen, but I do guarantee that it will be one of the best earning systems you can use online, no matter how long you’ve been in the industry.

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