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Novel Writing Made Easy is an e-book that will help novice and semi-experienced writers get started on a novel and then get the finished product published. In this book, author Andrea Rains Waggener guides you through the entire process of writing a book. From brainstorming all the way up through manuscript submission, she tells you everything you need to know in complete detail.

Novel Writing Made Easy teaches you all about the essentials of plotting, characters, setting, research, pacing, structure, how to write and how to prepare for submission to agents and editors. After teaching you about the fundamental elements of a novel, it teaches you through various methods you can use to develop each of these elements. Everything you'll learn from Novel Writing Made Easy will help make your book an exciting must-read!

Along with the guidebook comes the 97-page task book. This additional book will help you turn your ideas into a completed novel. It will help you to organize your thoughts, set things straight and envision the finished product so that every detail ends up in the right place and forms one cohesive story.

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Better than joining writing workshops
posted this review on September 19, 2012

I’m a novice novel writer, and the closest I’ve come to novel writing is a 20-page short story I wrote for school 10 years ago. I’ve long been looking for a great way to learn novel writing, but I didn’t want to join workshops because they’re short-time things that don’t really do much for my skill. I mean, I want something that will guide me through the entire learning process as I learn hands on, and do things hands-on, so those workshops really don’t work for me. A book club friend told me to download this from the internet, and try and see how it works for me. I was skeptical about buying books online because I have the notion that they’re either plagiarized from real books or totally crappy, but since this one was recommended to me, I decided to give it a try.

This guide covers everything a budding novelist needs to know. It’s got information about characters, plots and all that good stuff. Plus, more importantly it has expert tips on getting published! This may not be important for hobbyists, but for people like me who actually want to make a living writing novels this is just awesome!

All in all, I highly recommend this guide book to budding novelists. For less than $50 you get better information than what you’ll get joining writing workshops.

I started to become really psyched
On-Site Review

I have played around with other forms of novel writing courses that were ok, I suppose, but I never really got much out of them. They were good programs, particularly the novel writer's workshop from Writer's Digest Magazine. But until I purchased Andrea's Novel Writing Made Easy System, I was never really enthused with the possibility of actually writing a novel. After completing the first few chapters and producing a bevy of ideas with the "what if" and "Why" questions, I started to become really psyched.

So when I got the chance to purchase How To Become a Writer Extraordinaire System, I put the Novel aside temporarily. I now am journaling and doing at least one 15 minute timed writing and have garnered even more good ideas as a result. In a couple of weeks I will complete the Writer Extraordinaire System and will turn my full attention to the novel writing course once again. I am very happy to have stumbled onto Andrea Waggener's writing courses.

Richard Kershaw,
Freedom, Maine

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