Nutritional Advice For Your Racing Pigeons

by Peter Mulder

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Nutritional Advice For Your Racing Pigeons is a complete PDF eBook on raising healthy and well-conditioned pigeons. It will help you develop a racing feeding plan that perfectly suits the nutritional needs of racing pigeons. Peter Mulder, author of Nutritional Advice For Your Racing Pigeons, has taken numerous courses on animal nutrition at Barneveld, so you will definitely find his feeding tips useful.

Inside the eBook, you will learn everything about the nutritional needs of racing pigeons. This is important since racing pigeons need balanced nutrition for them to perform properly. The right carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, minerals, and trace elements are all discussed in the eBook. It explains exactly how much of these nutrients your racing pigeons need, and how you can get it for them. To help you fully understand how they will react to certain foods, the eBook explains how their digestive system works. Also, it lists down the products that you should and should not use for you pets.

Racing pigeons should be treated like athletes who have special nutritional needs. They should be given the proper nutrients in perfect balance, for them to be able to perform well for you. However, doing this requires thorough scientific knowledge, which cannot be learned on your own. With the help of Nutritional Advice For Your Racing Pigeons, you will be able to provide your racers with the support that they need without having to attend expensive animal nutrition courses.

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It's worth your money
posted this review on January 6, 2013

I’ve been into racing pigeons for 3 years now. I bought Nutritional Advice For Your Racing Pigeons out of curiosity, and I picked up a lot of new tips from it. It’s a great product. They definitely researched a lot for this book or the author could be into racing pigeons himself. If you’re looking for a pigeon racing resource that’s worth your money, this is it.

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