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by Jennifer,

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One Week Marketing is a step-by-step e-course that will show you how to create multiple streams of passive income online. To use this system, you don't need to own any products, maintain inventories, make sales calls or work any set hours. You'll get an action plan for 7 days, broken down into daily tasks.

With One Week Marketing, you will learn to gather niche market ideas, rank higher in search engine results, increase your productivity by using online tools, leverage traffic search patterns and more. The course is divided into separate modules so it's easier to follow along and grasp all the information.

The One Week Marketing basic package includes the guide that that outlines the entire plan, another resource that brakes down the action plan into daily goals, marketing mind maps, marketing checklists and transcripts of a week's worth of one-on-one coaching sessions. 

You can also upgrade to the premium package for $30 more. The upgrade includes all of the above plus additional tools to help bring your marketing skills to the next level. 

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Follow the guide and make money - it's as pure and simple as tha
On-Site Review

If Bum Marketing was an Olympic sport then One Week Marketing would be banned for steroid abuse. This is the real deal, if you follow the guide you will make money - it's as pure and simple as that.
This isn't some guide by a "guru" who is only interested in your cash and your name on their mailing list, Jennifer is genuine and one of the good guys who actually cares about her customers. Don't think twice about it. Get one week marketing now, you won't be disappointed.

Mark Thompson

For aspiring affiliate marketers it's the best I've seen
On-Site Review

If we want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing - for free, except the cost of the course - I recommend checking out PotPieGirl's new ebook.
For me, the single most important part of her course is the series of email exchanges she has with "guinea pig" Nick, where they go step-by-step through one week of easily-manageable tasks, with the result of a so-called campaign that brings in immediate sales.
The success results are very well documented. No hype about great riches, but a solid system designed to create sales week after week. I'm no dummy, in general. But with these kind of things I need a hand to guide me through the steps so I can understand what I'm doing. PotPieGirl is a great teacher and very accessible in terms of personal communications and support.
I've learned one method of getting my lenses indexed on the first page of Google, within hours after submitting it. It worked for almost all of my 70 lenses, so far -100% for the brand-new ones. Very nifty little trick!
It might or might not be the direction one wants to go on the internet. For aspiring affiliate marketers it's the best I've seen, so far.

Chef Keemg

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