Orchid Care Revealed

by Jeremy Sleigh, www.orchidcarerevealed.com

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Orchid Care Revealed is an e-book that will teach you everything you need to know about growing colorful, healthy orchids. Author Jeremy Sleigh developed his plant care system after years of dealing with his own dead plants!

In Orchid Care Revealed, you will discover how to properly care for and grow orchids regardless of location, time or condition. This e-book details the best places to put your orchids in the house so that they don't get overexposed to light. It also teaches you the right amount of water to use depending on the kinds of orchids. Other topics in the book include proper pest control, addressing blooming-related problems, producing orchid hybrids and many more.

Whether you're an orchid novice or expert, you'll learn valuable information to keep your prized plants growing and blossoming for years to come. Orchid Care Revealed can be yours for the low price of $27. It also comes with 4 free bonuses with more methods to help you grow a beautiful, lush garden!

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Very detailed and professionally-written
posted this review on April 13, 2014

I like how detailed and professionally-written the book is. You don’t normally find an orchid care eBook with as much information as this one. I’d been disappointed by other eBooks when I found this, and I learned so much from here. I think it should be more expensive than what it’s being offered for, seriously.

Finally growing lovely orchids!
Jana Mirken (from Globe, USA) posted this review on March 24, 2014

I’ve always loved taking care of orchids but I don’t have a green thumb, so before, the just went to waste. But since I found Orchid Care Revealed, I got better and better in taking care of orchids. In fact, I have 3 rare orchids in my collection now. In total, I have 20 healthy and happy orchids in my garden. Orchid Care Revealed is definitely something orchid lovers should check out.

Gradually going fully organic through this
posted this review on November 9, 2013

 I’ve been into orchid care for a long time before I found Orchid Care Revealed. This book has a lot of new and unique ideas when it comes to growing orchids but there are also some tips you can find on free orchid articles all over the Internet. What I like most here are the tips on making your plants bloom all year round. Before, there were times of the year when my garden was lame and boring, now it’s been lovely for a year. I also like some organic stuff they teach you how to make here. They really work. I alternate them with chemical stuff as of now, I’m gradually making the shift to fully-organic though.

This book is a blessing
Lily D. (from Mountain Home, USA) posted this review on October 15, 2013

I’ve been caring for orchids since I was 12 years old. My grandmother had an orchid garden in her home at that time, and since I started living with her, I enjoyed taking care of these lovely flowers. I love the uniqueness of orchids. Unlike other flowers, they have their own beauty. Other flowers tend to look the same, like all of them looking just the same. Orchids are different. The problem with orchids is that they have different needs to from other flowers. Most other flowers, you can just leave on their own and wait till they bloom. Orchids need special love and attention for them to thrive and to bloom. My grandmother used to talk to her orchids, believe it or not. I used to laugh at her then, but now I realize why. Orchid Care Revealed taught me a lot of wonderful techniques when taking care of orchids. I get to take care of my plants using only natural techniques. That’s really wonderful because I save money, and I stay away from harmful chemicals as well. Orchids are usually very needy, so having easier ways to care for them is really a blessing for me.

You can really feel the writer's passion in caring for her orchi
posted this review on September 19, 2013

This is currently my favorite orchid care book! Orchid Care revealed is so awesome. It’s got a lot of natural way for caring for orchids that I’ve never seen in other books. I’ve got a huge stack of orchid care books here. None of them as good as this. They’re physical books, so I expected the quality to be a lot better than an internet product, but I was wrong. Orchid Care Revealed is wonderful because it’s from a real person who is definitely so passionate about caring for orchids. A lot of people these days who write orchid care books are just fulltime authors or researchers. They don’t have the heart for what they do. they’re just in it for the money. They include random photos of orchids they got from someone else’s garden and show them up in their books as though they worked hard for them. Jeremy Sleigh is different because you can really tell from the way she writes that she loves orchids, and that she’s grown a lot of them. You can also see her interest in other people who love growing orchids. I think this book is perfect for people who want to grow their orchids with love, and not just for show.

I learned a lot about organic orchid gardening
posted this review on May 19, 2013

Orchid Care Revealed features techniques that are both effective and safe. I haven’t experienced touching chemical fertilizers and pesticides because all the natural methods are here. I learned how to make the best compost for orchids, and also how to make sure that they’re pest-free, all without using chemical pesticides. One more thing I like about this guide is that everything is presented step-by-step. There are tips on how to choose the right plants for the season, and for the area, and what to do to make sure that the plants are at their best. 

This deserves the high ratings it gets
posted this review on March 17, 2013

I do love taking care of plants, but I don’t have a green thumb. My dad’s really good with plants, but I must have gotten my mom’s plant killer hands. I’ve tried planting tomatoes before, but they all died, so I totally forgot about gardening. Some time ago, my friend gave me an orchid plant, a Cattleya, and that’s when my love for orchids grew. My husband was laughing at me because he knew how much of a plant killer I was.

I did a lot of research online about orchid care, but you know how much rubbish you will find on different websites, even on websites that are entirely about plant care. I found Orchid Care Revealed, and I thought it’s better to spend some money for something that I’m sure of. I’ve read other comments here before buying, and they’re pretty good comments. I think Orchid Care Revealed deserves all the positive reviews it gets from readers. My orchids have improved a lot since I learned the fertilizer techniques here, and the right way to handle them and stuff like that. There are also some specific care instructions for the most common orchid species.

There are so many awesome ideas here
Mara Coley (from Clearwater, USA) posted this review on March 17, 2013

If you find it difficult caring for orchids, you need Orchid Care Revealed. When I started my garden, I didn’t have any idea how to care for orchids. They’re very nice plants, but very fragile too. I’ve tried taking care of other plants before, but when it comes to orchids I always got disappointed. Sometimes they’d die, sometimes they’d simply not have any flowers at all. With Orchid Care Revealed I learned a lot more about how orchids should be taken care of, what these plants like and what they don’t like, and a lot more. I also learned how to fertilize them properly, and how to get rid of pests quickly. There are a lot more information here about different kinds of orchids and what kinds of pests and diseases could destroy them. There are also some stuff you can check out if you’re an intermediate orchid enthusiast like how to produce hybrids and a lot more. Orchid Care Revealed is surely something you can get a lot of awesome ideas from.

I feel like this was written for me
posted this review on March 9, 2013

After retirement, taking care of orchids has become my hobby. I’m competing with my sister as to who has better-looking orchids. I have to admit she’s pretty good at taking care of them. She knows the best fertilizers, the best pesticides and how to make sure each one grows healthy. Orchid Care Revealed helped me learn everything she won’t teach me! The best thing about this book is that it’s got specific care instructions for different kinds of orchids and these are orchids that I actually have in the garden. I felt when I first read it that the book was written especially for me. Wonderful stuff and really worth checking out!

Lovely flowers without the hassle
posted this review on January 31, 2013

I just started taking care of these lovely flowers a few months ago. I almost gave up because two of my plants died. I didn’t know where I was going wrong, so I got this book. I realized everything that was wrong, and that not all the articles I read on the internet are accurate. I stopped searching for tips online, and relied only on this book, and now my orchids look amazing! They’re really lovely now, and I don’t have to spend much time caring for them.

Great book very informative
posted this review on September 15, 2012

I used to collect cacti, but after getting pregnant and moving in with my boyfriend, I decided to collect orchids because they are more pleasant to look out and my boyfriend doesn’t like cacti anyway. I went crazy taking care of my first orchids because I had no idea about how to make it produce more flowers and stuff like that, I didn’t know how to pick healthy plants when buying, and I didn’t have any idea how to fertilize them and keep them away from pests safely. This book taught me all of that! I think there are some information online too, but if you want consolidated reliable information then I suggest getting this book right away!


A Huge Improvement

I have seen a huge improvement in my moth orchids. I laughed at Jeremy's story about his girlfriend buying him an orchid because that's exactly what happened to me and my wife.

When it started looking sick she got really mad at me so I bought Jeremy's guide to try and fix it. I followed the steps in his chapter about moth orchids and it reall worked.

The orchid loves me, and my wife loves me... How could I lose!

Brisbane Australia

My Orchids Are Looking Great

I bought this book 2 weeks ago and my orchids are looking great already.

It turns out I was over watering them which I didn't even know was possible until I read this book. I followed the steps and it is already making a big difference.

Orange County USA

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