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Having an extramarital affair is only a problem if you get caught. If you know the right way to cheat on your husband or your wife, you can enjoy having affairs, while keeping a happy family. How To Cheat & Not Get Caught from an anonymous...
by Software4Parents
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IamBigBrother is child surveillance software. This software program records basically everything that your child does on the computer. You can see: Incoming and outgoing mail from Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol Web and more. Even if the child has deleted...
by Gwen Wild
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Sensational Brain is a membership website that offers BrainWorks, a sensory diet creator tool created by experienced occupational therapist and sensory integration expert Gwen Wild. With the help of this tool, professionals and parents can easily...
by Jim & Elena Yang
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Children Learning Reading program, developed by Jim & Elena Yang, will show you how to teach your children to read in just 12 weeks – and you'll only need to dedicate 5 to 10 minutes a day to the lessons, described in teh program. The...
by Sue and Otto Collins
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No More Jealousy is a program created to help you eliminate jealousy in your relationship. It was written by relationship coaches, Sue and Otto Collins. The package comes with an eBook and 6 audios that last for 40-75 minutes each. All of these are...
by Ali Marston
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Ali Marston’s His MidLife - Your Crisis is a fun and informative guide book on everything you need to know about your husband’s midlife crisis. It provides you the information you need in order to be able to handle his MLC without losing...
by Martha Stevens
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Raise Your Kids Right The First Time Around - There Is No Second Chance is an e-book that will teach you about a new and effective approach to raising children. Your children will learn life skills that will make growing up easier for them and for...
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Win Spy Software is a complete computer monitoring package that will enable you to see everything that user sees on his/hers monitor and everything he/she types on the keyboard. It works equally well on your local and remote PC. It uses its own...