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by Yulia Berry
(8 votes)
Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor is an e-book that will teach you about the healing powers of the Aloe vera plant. It's one of the most powerful natural remedies and has been traditionally been used to treat wounds, skin infections, burns and other skin...
by Valerie Dawson
(7 votes)
Easy Quit Hypnosis is an audio course that uses hypnosis to help you quit smoking. Course instructor Valerie Dawson is a counselor and hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of people quit for good. Patches, gums, medications and self-deprivation...
by Angular Cheilitis Center
(3 votes)
Angular cheilitis is an inflammatory lesion that forms on the sides or at the corner of the mouth. It is an ugly and painful condition also known as angular stomatitis or cheilosis, and it's caused by bacteria or fungi. If you suffer from this...
by Dr. Carolyn Goh
(9 votes)
Colic is a common condition in babies. It is exhibited when an otherwise healthy baby cries and screams frequently and incessantly. This condition is distressing, frustrating, and exhausting for both the baby and the parent. If you are a mom/parent...
by Abe Hsieh
(19 votes)
Are you suffering from sarcoidosis? Have you tried different conventional methods to cure this deadly disease but none of them worked? Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Mr. Abe Hsieh has the solution to your problem. In his e-book called...
by James Sampson
(31 votes)
Discover how you can grow 4 inches taller in just 4 weeks in James Sampson's e-book Make Me Grow Taller. This book is the result of Sampson's research and teaches you the techniques he used to become taller. It guarantees that you'll...
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There are a number of reasons why breeding rabbits can be beneficial. They are warm and cuddly, so they make great pets. If you have no interest in keeping them as pets, their meat is healthy and a great source of protein. In addition, breeding...
by Claire Goodal
(6 votes)
Making your home toxic-free is a lot easier than you think. If you want a home that’s completely free from all toxic chemicals and materials, you need Everyday Roots Book by Claire Goodal. Claire experienced severe health problems before...