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by Dorothy Spencer
(4 votes)
Are you a fatty liver disease sufferer? Or maybe you know someone who's struggling with this disease. If you're looking for a way to treat this condition, veteran liver/hepatology nurse, health consultant, and author Dorothy Spencer can show you a...
by Bob Howard
(18 votes)
Bad breath is something that can happen to everyone. Over 90 percent of population has suffered from it one time or another and have failed to successfully treat it. But what if there was something out there that could help you get rid of this...
by Ari Kreitberg
(20 votes)
The Grow Taller Formula is a tested and proven comprehensive program by Ari Kreitberg that shows you how to increase your height by 1-4 inches in just 2 months. This program introduces proven scientific specialized techniques and methods guaranteed...
by Pete Howells
(14 votes)
EasyQuit System is a 100 page e-book that will show you not only how to quit smoking, but also how to actually lose the desire to smoke ever again. The method behind the success of this book is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The same method...
by Jerry Ericson
(7 votes)
Are you suffering from asthma? Learn how you can cure your condition easily, naturally, and permanently in Asthma Free Forever. This guide was written by Jerry Ericson, an alternative medical practitioner and former asthma sufferer. Inside this...
by Christian Goodman
(6 votes)
The Stop Snoring Exercise Program brings you 24 different exercise techniques that help you naturally and permanently eliminate snoring. The Stop Snoring Exercise Program consists of 3 minute exercises that you need to do every day until you open up...
by Jessica Wright
(15 votes)
Are you suffering from hemorrhoid? Do you want to stop the pain, bleeding, and discomfort without using expensive drugs, undergoing risky surgery, and following conventional methods that don't work? Hemorrhoid No More, an e-book by medical...
by Gary Buchenic
(15 votes)
Do you suffer from chronic shin splints and want to stop your pain and frustration for good? In Stop Shin Splints Forever, author, personal trainer, and former shin splints sufferer Gary Buchenic reveals the treatment that cured his condition...