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by Lee Benson
(31 votes)
Brain Bullet is a software application that flashes positive affirmations on your computer screen. These affirmations are delivered so quickly that your hardly notice them. Your subconscious, however, is able to see them clearly and considers them...
by Song Chengxiang
(66 votes)
Quantum Mind Power Program uses audio stimulation to change your brainwave patterns. This process, also known as brainwave entrainment technology, was developed by Morry Zelcovitch, a certified brainwave entrainment engineer. By listening to these...
by Esteban José Portela
(20 votes)
Esteban José Portela has been studying and practicing White Magic and Black Magic for more than 35 years, helping people all over the world solve their problems and achieve their goals in life. His e-book Witchcraft Secret Manual is aimed at...
by Gary Evans
(18 votes)
How To Manifest A Miracle will teach you to align yourself with your desires, so you are able to manifest them in real life. All you'll need to do is practice the Manifest A Miracle formula 30 minutes a day. Even though the formula works best if...
by Mike Brescia
(26 votes)
ThinkRightNow is a set of programs that can help you improve any area of your life by changing the way you think, feel and act. These programs work by identifying your unsupportive beliefs and thoughts and replacing them with new, successful ones....
by Iain Legg and Phil Busbridge
(35 votes)
The Super Mind Evolution System (also known as the Real Mind Power Secrets) is so complex that it's really not easy to describe. In short, it is a collection of manuals that will show you all the different things you can do by using the power of...
by Michael Masterman
(24 votes)
The NLP Secret is an audio course that allows you to achieve change in any area of your life. The course is based on a technique, called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and reveals a little known way of using this technique to get almost instant...
by Bradley Thompson
(26 votes)
Lucid Dreaming Kit will show you how to master the skill of lucid dreaming in just 7 short days. It will help you be aware when you are dreaming and show you how to control your dreams. The Lucid Dreaming Kit will enable you to make use of the full...