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Out With Gout is a comprehensive gout remedy report. It includes 35 pages of in-depth gout information, covering alternative remedies, treatments and proven prevention measures. In the Gout Remedy Report you will discover:

  • The connection between food and gout
  • Surprising cure that relates how much you sleep with your gout,
  • Medical treatments for gout,
  • 7 best alternative treatments and home remedies,
  • How to eliminate foods high in purines from your diet,
  • Vitamins and herbs that can help you fight gout,
  • And more…

In short, the Gout Remedy Report – Out With Gout discloses everything you need to know to get rid of gout without using medications with potentially harmful side effects.  It also covers preventive measures that ensure that you never again suffer from a gout attack.

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This has been sooo helpful
Matilda Culling (from Surry, USA) posted this review on January 19, 2014

Mom’s been suffering from gout for a few years now. It’s great that we found Out with Gout, so now she can manage her pain better. We found this guide a few months ago when her attack was almost unbearable. We tried all sorts of pain relievers that we know of, we had packs on her knees and everything that can make her feel comfortable, but to no avail. She stayed with us for almost a week then, and half the time she had pain in her joints. With the help of Out with Gout, her pain was gone in just a few hours. It was almost unbelievable! For the first time in almost a week, she was standing straight again and walking around as if nothing happened. Right now, she’s on the prevention plan, and we have peace of mind that when it strikes, she can just use the instant relief method here. This is a very natural and very healthy way to manage gout, so that’s another fantastic bonus we get from it. Mom says she feels generally healthier and more energetic because of Out with Gout! The entire family’s also into preventions now because it could be in the genes.

Just take the herbs seriously
posted this review on May 20, 2013

My doctor was honest with me that what my meds will do will only be to ease the pain. They were more like pain relievers, and not really cures. I was doomed to live with gout for the rest of my life. There were a lot of foods I couldn’t eat, and my activities were very limited too. When I found Out With Gout, I thought it was just a simple guide on what to eat and what not to eat, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s got information that I was already familiar with having lived with gout for 4 years, but a lot of the alternative treatment suggestions were new to me. I took the suggested herbs seriously, and followed the tips on how to flash out purines from my body. Now, I can eat the foods that were previously blacklisted, but in moderation. I can also do most activities now as I haven’t had any attacks for a long time.

2 weeks of alternative medicine did it
posted this review on April 12, 2013

I developed gout when I was 22, and it’s irritating because my fave food is beef, and I couldn’t eat it anymore because of gout. I was taking a lot of gout meds at that time because it was really bad. I had to go to the doctor several times to change the meds to ones that work. I finally found one that was a good pain reliever, but I still had gout.

I discovered Out With Gout through a blog. I was reading health blogs, and saw a post about this there, and the review was really good, and so I got it. I started the program right away. It was a natural program I needed to follow for several weeks until I see results. After the 2nd week, I already noticed the improvement. My everyday bout with gout was finally over. I used 3 of the recommended alternative treatments in the book. You can just check out which one works best for you. There are seven included in this book. You’re sure to find one that will work.

It's easy to be gout-free with this
Martin Dotner (from Carlsbad, USA) posted this review on March 10, 2013

The good thing about gout is that you can easily get rid of it through proper diet and a little bit of exercise. I know you’re probably thinking that it’s easier said than done, but I’ve been through the same thing once a few years ago. I found Out With Gout - the Gout Remedy Report 2 years ago, so it’s really a little late for this review, but just recently my wife also used the same program when we found out that her uric acid level was rising. This has been effective for me 2 years back, so I got her to use the same program, and it also normalized her uric acid, and she’s also gout-free now. I think two instances of successful gout cure are enough for me to endorse this to other gout sufferers. There’s no reason to worry because the program is mainly natural. If you’re worried just go ahead and ask your doctor about it. That’s especially important if you have other special health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or any other problems in your organs.

This will work no matter how bad your gout is
posted this review on February 18, 2013

Out With Gout is guaranteed to work no matter how bad your gout is. And this isn’t the ordinary temporary gout solution you get from doctors. It’s a permanent gout cure that will totally get rid of your condition. The methods are natural so they’re safe even if you’re an older person like me, and even if you have other diseases. I’ve heart problems, but I’m able to do the methods in Out With Gout without problems. You just have to stick to the program faithfully and you’ll see results in a week or two.

I love the changes it made to my body
Brenda Greene (from Effingham, USA) posted this review on February 18, 2013

Since I put the methods here into play, and incorporated the suggested lifestyle changes, I’ve never had an attack. It’s not just about the food, there are a lot of other factors that determined whether or not you will get an attack. I’ve already learned to read my body now and I know when I can eat the foods that trigger gout and not worry about getting an attack. I’ve also been doing the alternative treatments for gout and my body responds to them better than it does to traditional medicine. I feel healthier now and I actually love and enjoy my new diet and lifestyle.

Joe Barton's methods worked for me
Gracia H. (from Theodosia, USA) posted this review on December 6, 2012

I can finally enjoy the foods that I love without worrying much about gout. I found out that I have gout when I was 23 years old. Since then, I had to be careful with what I eat because eating wrong would mean hours and hours of pain. I tried many treatment methods for it because my doctor just gave me a pain pill, and some patches, but no permanent cure for gout. Out With Gout - the Gout Remedy Report gave me all the alternative treatment methods I can try to combat gout. The methods are really effective. I followed all of them because I don’t know what’s causing my gout, so I can’t really tell if some are better than others. I can now occasionally enjoy the foods I love without worrying about gout attacks!

I can enjoy without worrying about pain
posted this review on November 30, 2012

Gout’s been pestering me since I was in my 20s. Since I found out I have it, I steered clear from my favorite foods like beef and a lot other. There are so many foods that trigger attacks, and I couldn’t risk it no matter how much I love those foods. I also tried special exercises before that are supposed to lessen my attacks, but they didn’t do anything s I stopped wasting my time on them. Out With Gout - the Gout Remedy Report has a really unique attack that got rid of my gout permanently. I still control what I eat from time to time, but that’s only for maintenance. I can cheat sometimes, and it won’t be back. Unlike before that every time I make a mistake, it attacks. One thing I like most about this book is that it presents all of my treatment options. Sure it’s got the natural methods, but it also has the medical options, so I can choose which ones will work best for me. I opted for the natural methods because there are fewer side effects. I can now enjoy more activities without worrying about pain. Right now I’m still happy with the results I’m getting, and I hope this goes on like this.

The best way to cure gout
Erin Russell (from New Boston, USA) posted this review on September 29, 2012

This is the best gout remedy out there. It’s natural, safe, and effective. I’ve got gout since I was 23 years old, and I’ve tried almost every remedy there is out there, but nothing helped. Most of them are just temporary pain relievers, but the moment I did something wrong, like eating the wrong food or doing the wrong activities, my pain comes back with a vengeance. With the help of this book, I learned long-term treatments for my condition. Of course it still takes a certain level of discipline, but unlike before, I don’t have to be too strict with myself anymore. I can enjoy anything I want in moderation, and the herbal concoctions make me feel healthier in general. I now seem so much younger than my age, and I can sleep well at night not worrying when my gout will strike again. I’m really happy with the results I got from this book, and will be recommending it to everyone.

Complete guide against gout
Brian Gayley (from Vassalboro, USA) posted this review on August 30, 2012

Gout is an extremely painful condition. If you experience joint pains from time to time, you probably have it. I got it when I was 22 years old, and I’ve been suffering from it for 4 years. I need to be careful with what I eat because I single mistake can keep me awake the entire night writhing in pain. This book is a great find. It’s helped me get rid of my gout permanently. The natural treatments are so effective. I still watch my diet for maintenance, but I can get cheat days now without suffering the consequences. I’ve never had a single attack since I got into this treatment program. I also follow the supplement guide to make sure that my body’s always ready to battle gout. This book will be helpful even for those who are in risk of having gout, like those who have family members with gout, since there are prevention measures discussed in here as well.

My gout was gone in 2 months
posted this review on July 25, 2012

You might this this book is too thin for almost $40, but the info here is priceless. I wouldn’t have bought it if not for a friend who recommended it to me. He’s got really bad gout, even worse than mine, and this book helped him. So I thought if this worked for him, it would work for me too. I downloaded it right away, and then did as it said and in 2 months my gout was completely gone.


Great report

Great report, especially the part on Alternative Treatment Remedies. I tried one and the gout symptoms left in 2 days (with NSAIDS as well) rather then the normal 5 - 7 days for my attacks.

Dominic Teo

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