Parrot Secrets

by Nathalie Roberto,

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Parrots are amazing and funny creatures, especially once they start talking. But what if your parrot is a screamer who scares the entire neighborhood, scratches and snaps at your hands finger with his powerful beak, or just simply doesn’t talk or say anything at all? Then you need all the help you can get from Parrot Secrets.

Parrot Secrets is written by a parrot-lover and owner, Nathalie Roberts. Inspired by Polygon, an endearing, fast-talking parrot who has started her love for parrots, Nathalie has compiled in this comprehensive all techniques she has learned on how to take care and train a parrot. A talking parrot can be pretty funny, but a bad-tempered one isn’t. So no matter how much you’d like to give up on your parrot because of his evil bird ways, don’t as there’s still hope in turning him into the loveable bird that you can be proud of. In Parrot Secrets, you’ll learn how to give your parrot the right food to eat (not just birdseeds!), perform tricks, train him to talk and sing, tricks to prevent him from biting your hands and eyes off, and many more. You'll be able to see the results in just 15 days. There are lots of topics covered in this ebook and in the end, the message it sends out is that there are no bad parrots, just bad owners who neglect and abuse their pet. Parrot Secrets will give you all the knowledge on how to train, treat and love your parrots they way they should.

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Wow, I cant believe it!
On-Site Review

Wow, I cant believe it! Its already starting to work, today I had D.J. on my hand, which he would never do, unless I had a towel on my hand because he would bite me vicously, but today I tried the thing where you pet him with the sticks on each side then move closer with my hands and that made alot of progress, then I had him on my hand, I would let him bite me then he got really confused so he would then he just nibble. He has already made a big change, now i can actually hold and pet him! What a difference!

Ashley Bratt,
League City, Texas

Great guide!
On-Site Review

I ordered the training materials to assist in working with our parrot, who had developed the habit of ear-piercing shrieking and random biting, hard enough to draw blood. We were about to find him a new home. However, the techniques regarding responding to shrieking episodes have worked. He is much more calm and playful. His biting attempts, handled in the way you suggest (moving into the bite) have dropped considerably, and he is not biting as hard. Despite owning and reading two bird books, we were unaware of the accurate information regarding hours of light he should experience in a day, and hours of darkness needed, and we have adjusted his schedule. He is clearly a more content bird. Thank you.

Terry Clark,
Los Gatos, California

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