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PC Tattletale is parental control software that records what your child does when they go online. It is completely invisible to the user. The software enables you to see:

  • All chat conversations and messages,
  • Keystrokes, including passwords and hidden characters,
  • History of all entered websites,
  • Inbound and outbound mail,
  • Each program that was used.

With this software, seeing what the child did when they were online is as easy as watching a VCR. PC Tattletale has received several awards from different software magazines and shareware websites.

Home 1-4 Computers ($17/month); Small Office 5-10 Computers ($47/month); and Business And Schools 10-30 Computers ($197/month)
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Every family should have this!
posted this review on August 27, 2012

Every family who’s got a kid at home should have this software installed in their computer. It’s very helpful as it reports to me what my child does at home. I track my son’s activities on the computer closely using this software, and it’s so easy since it records even those “private” messages he exchanges with friends. I know some parents might call it invasion of privacy, but these days, it’s a must if you really want to grow good citizens.

Helped me stop my 13 yr. old from watching porn online
Tory Danaly (from Worcester, USA) posted this review on July 22, 2012

I once caught my eldest son watching porn and gory vids online and showing them to his little brother. They thought I was sleeping in my room that morning since I was on night shift. I snuck up at them then and what I saw horrified me. I punished the two of them for that, and they promised not to do it again. However, a few days after that, I saw my eldest doing the same thing. That’s when I realized that relaying on their i-won’t-do-it-again isn’t enough. I got this software, and had my husband set it up. It was great! The next time I viewed this, I found out that my eldest has been using Camfrog, and I talked to him about it. He was shocked that I knew about it, and he promised to never do it again. My finding out about that incident might have given him a clue that I have a tracker installed on the computer. Until now, whenever I check, he only visits YouTube, Facebook, which I think is acceptable.

PC tattletale has made me feel much more comfortable
On-Site Review

Yes - I recommend PC Tattletale! I told my children I was putting tattletale on our computer. Knowing that I am monitoring has worked well. Before PC Tattletale I found them on sites I didn't approve of occasionally, but with PC Tattletale they stay away from those sites.

PC tattletale has made me feel much more comfortable with my children being online. I don't feel like they are going to be the targets of the many bad things that I know can happen on the net.

Oscar Kitchell,

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