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The Perfect Pointe by Lisa Howell contains the original 121-page Perfect Pointe ebook and a downloadable audiovisual course that takes you step-by-step through the entire perfect pointe process. You get to learn what muscles in your feet do, why some people find pointe easier than others, how to improve your turnout and get a perfect looking pointe. Regardless if you are just beginning pointe or have been practicing it for years, this course will teach you a lot about your body and how it should function en pointe.

The Perfect Pointe ebook includes a set of screening tests that help you monitor your progress. The program has lots of dance specific exercises (all with photos) from 4 different stages. In the first stage, ‘Flexibility’, you learn exercises that get your feet in the best position for pointe work. Second stage, ‘Muscles’, helps you develop the right muscles in your feet and improve control of your toes, which will prevent blister and overuse problems. Stage 3, ‘Turnout’, will help you identify and strengthen your turnout muscles. The last stage of the Perfect Pointe course is called ‘Beyond the Barre’. Here, you will learn how to strengthen your core muscles and find your balance off the barre.

During the course, you need to test your performance every time you start a new stage. After doing the exercises from that stage for 2 weeks, you retest yourself. If you have mastered the stage, you move to the next level all the way to your perfect pointe.

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Excellent manual
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This is an excellent manual for both pre-pointe and advanced dancers. It is simple to use, and will be a great help to students who are serious about developing good pointe work. Lisa has written many helpful exercises, with clear photographs to demonstrate how to improve strength and prevent injury.


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