Permanent Muscle

by Reuben Bajada

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Do you want to build real muscle and develop a big, ripped body the fast and easy way? Permanent Muscle could be the perfect program for you. This muscle building program is based on the knowledge, expertise, and experience of expert strength and conditioning coach Reuben Bajada.

Permanent Muscle contains nearly 800 pages of tips, tricks, techniques, and methods that can give you maximum results. It includes 10 modules or chapters to guide you on your way to muscle-building success.

Module 1: Are You a Contender or a Pretender? - This module teaches muscle building principles, facts, and myths about the fitness industryModule 2: Setting Goals Forms the Backbone of Success - Here, you will discover the C.R.E.A.P.A 6-stage success template.Module 3: Creating An Unstoppable Training MentalityModule 4: Uncovering The Facts About Nutritional SupplementsModule 5: Harnessing Your Almighty HormonesModule 6: The Muscles of the Perfect Human MachineModule 7: Permanent Muscles Ultimate Exercise DatabaseModule 8: Filling Your Stomach With Total NutritionModule 9: Permanent Muscles Custom Meal PlansModule 10: 28 Week - Permanent Muscle Workout Program

Permanent Muscle is a comprehensive program that will give you the plan, info and tools that you need to help you better understand your body. This way, you can successfully get rid of body fat, build muscle, and have the body that you've been dreaming of.

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I Gained An Amazing 36lbs In 20 Weeks!
On-Site Review

Reuben Bajada absolutely blew me away with his knowledge of natural bodybuilding and more importantly how to get ripped.

I gained an amazing 36lbs in 20 weeks. Now I’m thicker, stronger and more ripped then I have ever been.

Matthew Bowering,
London, Ontario, Canada

This has given me a nice physique and unbelievable strength gain
On-Site Review

I never had an impressive physique, nor did I have adequate strength and stamina. I was fairly tall at 6"2 and a half and used to be very skinny.

After many attempts of trying to stick to a proper training routine, I started training properly under Reuben and a local trainer in my area.

Reuben’s program was most helpful and very easy to understand with effective advice from anything from diet/supplement tips, proper exercise and training routines, and even the science behind how the human body can grow and develop.

With proper procedures designed for my body only, Reuben’s program has totally changed the way I look and given me a nice physique and unbelievable strength gains!

Without Reuben's guidance throughout my very first year of bodybuilding and fitness training, I wouldn't have been able to pack on 48lbs of solid muscle mass and hardly any body fat at all!

I highly recommend this brilliant program to anyone interested in bodybuilding, fat loss and fitness training as without a doubt it will definitely change your life!

Karl Langley,
Mooloolaba, QLD, Australia

The results have been extraordinary.
On-Site Review

I have both increased in muscle mass while dropping some body fat as well. Before, I was only 135lbs but now I’m 175lbs (in eight months). Just by following Reuben's training and nutrition …

The nutrition plans are made for regular people and the workouts are short but sweet and don’t require lots of equipment if you don’t have it, as I train at home with only barbells and dumbbells.

Syam Maharaj,
Trinidad and Tobago

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