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by Karen Freeman
(3 votes)
Are you looking to start your own business? If you are a dog owner/lover and you enjoy baking and preparing dog treats, then a gourmet dog treats business is perfect for you. Karen Freeman has an extensive knowledge about this kind of business and...
by Sharda Baker
(13 votes)
Do It Yourself (DIY) Training by Sharda Baker shows you how you can train your dog by yourself from the comfort of your home. The guide offers step-by-step solutions to all the common dog behavior problems. It covers barking, separation anxiety,...
by Hjalti F. Kristinsson
(3 votes)
How To Train, Care And Build Trust With Your Pet Rabbit will help you care for your beloved pet. This comprehensive guide contains information and photos that will teach you to train and take care of a healthy, happy rabbit. You'll learn how much...
by Nancy Richards
(23 votes)
Dog Owners Membership Site is a members-only web site for dog lovers. It features Dog Training System, an e-book written by Nancy Richards, a dog trainer with seven years of experience. This e-book is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to train...
by Martin Olliver; Kingdom Of Pets
(13 votes)
The Ultimate House Training Guide comes from the authors of  the well-known Sit Stay Fetch Package. This 120-page e-book is fully illustrated and written in an easy-to-understand language. It offers combined knowledge of professional trainers...
by Zoe Gan
(6 votes)
Dog Massage Secrets is a web video course that offers lessons on how to give your dog a healthier life through massage. You probably never thought about giving your dog a massage, but it's actually a great way to improve your dog's health and well-...
by Dr. R.J. Peters
(12 votes)
Cats are adorable, wonderful pets, but they can also be aloof, aggressive, destructive and messy. If you're a cat owner, How To Make Your Cat Adore You! will help you understand your feline's feelings and behaviors so you can have a great...
by Shannon Emmanuel
(9 votes)
Are you thinking about getting a dog but aren't sure which breed is best for your children? Author, dog lover and mother Shannon Emmanuel guides you through the process of choosing a dog in Choose The Best Dog For Your Child. Choose The Best Dog For...