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by Kevin Decker
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Huskies are adorable pets that can bring additional joy to any household. However, just like any other breed, they have habits that can be destructive and annoying. Biting, chewing, and disobedience are three of the most irritating habits huskies...
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Are you an owner of a cat or a dog suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) or chronic renal failure (CRF)? Have you been looking for ways to help your dear pet overcome the disease? Do you want to give your feline or canine pal a safe and...
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Taking care of your pet goldfish seems like an easy task. It only requires you to sprinkle fish food into the bowl and change the water from time to time to keep your pet alive. However, although your pet goldfish is not demanding, you still need to...
by Sheri Fisher
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For dog owners and lovers who want to give their dog the best treats, Sheri Fisher's Treating Your Dog Right - The Best Homemade Treats, Cookies, and Cakes For Your Dog! is a must-have resource. With this e-book, you will learn how to make your...
by George Grayson
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Dwarf hamsters are very sensitive creatures. A simple error can cost them their lives, or put them through great suffering. Having once killed his own hammy, author, George Grayson, conducted years of research to find out the best practices in...
by Lauren Valian
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Sugar gliders are exotic animals native to Australia, and are now becoming popular as household pets. However, taking care of a sugar glider is not as easy as it seems, as they require some special dietary requirements that new owners might find too...
by Michael Harris
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If you're a koi fish enthusiast and you want to learn how build a beautiful pond that will keep your koi fish healthy and happy, then Michael Harris' Koi Fish School is a must-have for you. This e-book reveals a time-tested and perfected system that...
by Richard Romero
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Pit bulls are not just beautiful, active, and intelligent dogs, they also make great companions. As a pit bull owner, it's important that you give your pit bull the training that he needs to positively channel his energy and intelligence so you...