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Most people in the field of aviation take their PPL exam late in life. Economic conditions, financial responsibilities, and other grownup stress take them away from their dream of becoming licensed private pilots. If you are a pilot who wants to ace your PPL exam, you need PPL Exam Pro. This application has over 2000 questions covering air law, human performance and limitations, aircraft general, navigation, meteorology, and communication. It will help you prepare for your ground school exams, regardless of the aircraft you are flying. For a fraction of the cost of regular pilot training, you will be able to have an advantage over other aspiring pilots.

PPL Exam Pro runs on any PC or Mac, as long as it has the latest version of Adobe Air. It is a simple web-based application that has high-quality images to help you learn faster. The questions are randomized after each exam set to avoid parrot learning, and ensure that you understand the concept behind each question. Plus, all exams are timed, so you will learn to work under pressure, and reduce the anxiety that comes with exams and tests. This entire system is tested to increase your passing rate, and make sure you finish your licensure exam with flying colors!

Fear and anxiety are among the major reasons why pilots fail the PPL Exam. Knowing that you have prepared well for your exam will eliminate these factors and ensure that you perform at your best while taking each test. With PPL Exam Pro, your preparation will be much easier, and having everything you need in one piece of software will bring you the peace of mind you need to ace your exam and become a pro private pilot.

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After trying the demo of PPL Exam Pro, I knew this was for me!I'd looked at books such as PPL Confuser and whilst it is a good book, I hate having to go back and forth to see whether I got the questions correct. What I love about this software is the ease at which you can take a mock exam and know at the click of a button whether I got the answer right.Since using PPL Exam Pro, I have sat and passed Air Law, Human Performance and Aircraft General, passing all with flying colours - no pun intended.Paul Tattersall,UK

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