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Pregnancy without pounds is written by a health coach and personal trainer Michelle Moss. Unlike all other pregnancy books on the market that primarily deal with the needs of the child, this one focuses mainly on the mom-to-be. Michelle promises that if you follow the guidelines, presented inside the Pregnancy Without Pounds e-book, you will be a healthy and sexy mom. You will not gain unnecessary weight during pregnancy (you will, of course, gain weight - just not more than you need to). You will feel beautiful even though you're pregnant (which is one of the biggest problems for all moms). And you will quickly lose weight after the birth. 

Pregnancy without pounds will show you how to:

  • Prevent stretch marks
  • Fasten post-delivery weight-loss
  • Get rid of pregnancy acne
  • Prevent your breasts from sagging
  • Minimize the chances of a long and painful labor
  • What you should eat so that all your nutritional needs are met
  • Prevent cellulite
  • And more...
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All safe, all natural, all effective
posted this review on June 15, 2014

Pregnancy is a magical moment for all women, but it’s also usually the time when you have to say goodbye to looking hot, and being your husband’s dream girl. That’s what I thought when I was a new mom too. I was really worried that I might not be able to get my dream body back. It was so difficult for me to accept that because I was fat my entire high school to college life and then I started working out really hard after college, and that’s when I finally lost weight. When I became a mom, I wanted so much to be able to maintain the weight I worked so hard for. That’s why I got Pregnancy Without Pounds. My husband was against it initially because he was worried that it might have tips that would not be good for our baby. But I checked with my doctor and she said that the methods are safe, and that it’s even better to protect my health, both physical and psychological. A lot of women suffer from postpartum depression because of their postpartum appearance. With this, my doctor said, we could get rid of that possibility. Pregnancy Without Pounds has all-natural tips and tricks for maintaining a great body after giving birth. There will be some changes, of course, but not too drastic. I am happy with how I look now, and I feel so healthy. I will surely use this again for my next pregnancy. I love it!

I gained less than 10 lbs!
posted this review on December 14, 2013

I still can’t believe you can give birth and gain only a few pounds (and shed them off easily too!). With my first baby, I gained almost 30 lbs. It was terrible! I had to workout in the gym regularly to get rid of the weight I gained. With my 2nd pregnancy, I’ve already heard about Pregnancy Without Pounds. It’s very popular in a female forum that I joined. A lot of moms attested to its effectiveness, so I thought I’d go ahead and try it too. That’s the best decision I’ve made so far because after giving birth to my baby, I found out that I gained less than 10 lbs. I just had to workout a bit in the home using fitness videos to get rid of those additional pounds that I gained. I also felt healthy even after giving birth. If only I’d found this before my first baby, I wouldn’t have had these ugly stretch marks! Some first time moms who used the methods here said they didn’t get a lot of stretch marks because of the methods here. Just a few squiggly lines here and there probably. I’m really recommending this to all moms that I know. It’s so helpful. You don’t have to let go of your body just because you’re already a mom. It’s always best to still look like the hot chick your man married. You know what happens to men when their wives start letting go of themselves, right? I think this is also one of the many responsibilities of a good mom.

No pooch belly even after giving birth
posted this review on April 27, 2013

Michelle’s weight loss methods for the modern mom are spectacular! I’ve been reading her book all throughout pregnancy, and she’s right about everything. My baby is only 3 months old now, but I’ve already shed most of the lbs. I gained when I was carrying her. My belly also isn’t as protruding as that of other moms. You can just imagine how happy I am now being a hot mom at the age of 32!

It's fantastic! The results are so worth it
posted this review on March 16, 2013

Pregnancy Without Pounds is fantastic! I did gain a few pounds but it’s not as much as I expected to. Some of my friends really blew up when they birth, but I only gained a little bit of weight, and after 3 months, I went back to my old body, well, almost. I still got the stretch marks, but at least I didn’t gain much weight. It’s really worth all the adjustments and the preparation. You just have to be disciplined while following the methods in this book, but you’ll reap the rewards after giving birth. Trust me on that!

Yes, it's possible!
posted this review on February 3, 2013

Yes, it’s possible to give birth and not lose your sexy figure. I made the mistake of letting go of my body after my first baby, but on my second baby, I already got Pregnancy Without Pounds backing me up, so I didn’t have to go on a crash diet and killer workout program anymore. I also felt healthier on my 2nd pregnancy because of the tips in this book. I didn’t feel bloated and lethargic at all. I was always energetic and happy. Pregnancy Without Pounds is something all moms should try.

It's an effective program!
posted this review on December 28, 2012

I gained so much weight after my first pregnancy. It took a lot of effort to get rid of the pounds I gained then. That’s why on my 2nd pregnancy, I followed the tips in Pregnancy Without Pounds, and they worked. I didn’t gain weight at all! I was back to my normal size a few months after pregnancy!

Helped me stay sexy and pretty =)
posted this review on November 17, 2012

Just because you’re taking good care of the baby in your tummy doesn’t mean you should let go of yourself. I’ve seen a lot of other moms who don’t bother with their skin and weight while they’re pregnant, and then get depressed when they see their skin with stretch marks and when they realize that most of their pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit anymore. It’s sad because there is something they can do against it. This book, Pregnancy Without Pounds, helped me a lot in taking care of my body while I was pregnant, and after it. The methods work because after pregnancy, I didn’t gain much weight, I didn’t retain too much water, and I didn’t get much stretch marks. Just a few months after giving birth, I’m back to the way I was before getting pregnant. I didn’t even workout much, and I didn’t go through that depression most new moms go through the first few months!

I look like I didn't give birth at all
posted this review on August 11, 2012

Before getting pregnant, I’ve seen a lot of horror stories of women letting themselves go after giving birth. My sister used to be model-ish before getting pregnant, but after giving birth we couldn’t recognize her anymore. The stretch marks she has are horrible! Her daughter is now 5 years old, but her stretch marks are still visible, and she’s still fat. I understand those are natural effects of becoming a mother, but if there’s a way to stop those things from happening, why not? I’m happy I found this book. it’s got everything I needed to look fab while pregnant and after giving birth. I gave birth 3 months ago, and the teeny tiny stretch marks I got from that pregnancy are already fading. Also, I barely gained weight at all! I still look the way I did before getting pregnant! Now I’m endorsing this book to all of my friends who are planning to have babies. I also hope other people who get to read this review will give this a chance.

A big hug for Michelle!
posted this review on July 3, 2012

Just because I am already a mother doesn’t mean I have to love myself less. When I decided to get pregnant, I promised myself I’d to everything I can to stay as youthful as I can before and after giving birth. I wanted my husband and my child to be proud of me, and I wanted other people to think. “How the hell did she do that?”

Fortunately with Michelle’s book, that wasn’t too difficult. I took care of my skin and weight exactly how Michelle said I should, and after giving birth, I started working out the way I did before. The tips and ideas in the eBook may not be entirely new to most moms as I’m sure that there are a lot of bits and pieces of information they can google, but having them all in one place in an organized manner is a big plus for a busy new mother. Also, Michelle’s personal success served as a motivation for me. I kept thinking that Michelle achieved results while doing this, so if I just keep going, I’ll get the same results, and I was right about that.


A useful guide to help me feel and look great

A must for every pregnant woman! Even though I am a Dietitian, and was able to use my skills and knowledge to ensure I had 2 healthy pregnancies - I still would've loved a pregnancy kit like this one. Weight is always an issue with pregnancy and we are all scared of not shedding those extra pounds - the “Pregnancy Without Pounds Kit” would have been a useful guide to help me feel and look great.

Lisa Sossen,
Melbourne, Australia

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