Reading Her Body: Sex Signals Decoded

by Christopher Phillip and Jon Chandler ,

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Reading Her Body: Sex Signals Decoded is a complete resource for learning how to read women’s body language. Authors Christopher Phillip & Jon Chandler reveal that the top reason why men do not get dates is because they are hitting on women who are uninterested. By learning how to read a woman’s body language, you can immediately tell which ones are attracted to you, so you can make your move right away. In Reading Her Body: Sex Signals Decoded, you will be able to tell which among the women want you the moment you walk in a bar. This will help you take advantage of all opportunities that most men miss.

Inside the eBook, you will learn top techniques on how to identify sex signals that women are sending. This 90-page guide includes photographs that will definitely make it easier for you to tell whether or not a woman is interested in you. You will discover little games women play, and how they affect the dating process. Also, you will learn how to find out if she wants to get in bed with you. Since body language is somewhat like the “mating dance” for humans, you need to be able to tap into its full potential if you want do not want to waste time on the wrong women.

As bonuses Christopher Phillip & Jon Chandler included 2 other resources that will help you master the female body language. The first eBook, Her Body Decoded Action Shots, includes more than 80 pages of body language photos, along with the messages that they send out. The second one is Reading Her Body Download, which is made to startup your body language reading course.

If you are a regular in bars, and places where a lot of women hangout, Reading Her Body: Sex Signals Decoded is a must-have for you. Having this in your arsenal will help you find women who are also looking for someone like you.

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Figuring women out became a whole lot easier
posted this review on February 21, 2014

I met a girl 2 years ago and really liked her then. She’s Japanese, but man, she’s hot! She came back to the company just a few months ago, and  I tried to get it on with her again. It was tough because we have a language barrier, but through the techniques in Reading Her Body, I got to figure her out a lot more easily. Right now, we’re already dating. I love how this book explains body language so clearly, and almost everything here is practical information about women. You will know the meaning of every move them make, and how they react when you approach them. It’s made dating an easier task for me.

This is how I got my girl
posted this review on December 20, 2013

My girlfriend and I wouldn’t have gotten together if not for Reading Her Body: Sex Signals Decoded. This guide really helped me figure out what she was thinking and what she wanted from me. When you know what a girl wants from you, it’s easier to get her attracted to you. You don’t have to be handsome or anything, just let her see that you are exactly what she’s looking for and you’ll be surprised at what she will do to impress you. I tried the techniques here and in just a week, my current girlfriend invited me to her place for a steamy night together. We’ve been dating for about 3 months now.

This helps me figure out women more easily
posted this review on May 12, 2013

I must have let a lot of women who were interested in me slip away. I had no idea about these body language stuff until I got a hold of Reading Her Body: Sex Signals Decoded. This simple book taught me everything about female body signals. They’re different from men in so many ways, so if you’re not an expert in women, it will be impossible for you to decipher what they’re trying to say. Women are weird creatures, they usually can’t express themselves through words. They say a lot but, so little about what they truly feel. It’s kinda hard to tell which statement coming from them is true. But body language doesn’t lie, unless of course you’re girl is trained by the CIA! Most of the time, you’ll know how they feel through body language, and you’ll learn how it’s done through this book!

All men should know this
posted this review on March 25, 2013

A lot of men will go crazy over this book. I’ve checked out a lot of dating books but most of them are cheesy crap a real man wouldn’t use. Here, you will learn how to use a woman’s body language against her. You will learn how to figure out what she’s thinking, so you can plan and plot your moves. I’ve tested the techniques here several times and they work! But they aren’t gonna work all the time . Some women are too hard to read.

It's changed the way I deal with women
Mark Persa (from Iaeger, USA) posted this review on March 18, 2013

Women usually express themselves better through body language, and I’ve proven that when I learned the techniques in Reading Her Body: Sex Signals Decoded. Here, you will know right away whether or not a girl has the hots for you, just by looking at her body. You will learn what telltale signs to look for while you’re having a conversation. You will also figure out what she wants to hear from you. I’ve tested out the techniques here, and I can vouch for them. They’ve made a big difference in my dating life.

It's worth downloading
posted this review on February 18, 2013

This is an enjoyable read, but it’s quite disappointing that it’s only 90 pages long. The information is awesome. I learned a lot about the female body from here. It’s my first time buying a product from this website, and I think I;ve been lucky that it’s a good one. The book is all about reading the messages women send. It’s not a one-size-fits all approach, so it’s better than others. It’s worth downloading.

Awesome techniques!
posted this review on January 7, 2013

This is a great guide for men! I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of new sexual tricks from this book. I thought I knew everything about sex, but I still learned a lot from this. It’s highly recommended, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it and trying the techniques with your girl later.

The methods are very effective
John Griggs (from Bluffton, USA) posted this review on November 3, 2012

Body language is the most effective way to figure out how a person is thinking or feeling. It’s even more effective in bed. Women are quite difficult to figure out in bed because they rarely say how they feel, they often don’t complain, even if they’re not enjoying at all. My girl’s like that, so this book has been helping me know what she’s thinking or if she’s enjoying what I’m doing, and what she wants me to do next. They’re very effective, and they make me feel more confident with what I’m doing because I can really see how she responds to my every move. She’s been wanting it more now, so I’m pretty sure I’m doing well.

Exact blueprint of women
posted this review on September 26, 2012

It’s a very clever book that has a lot of useful information for men who do not have much experience with women. I’m like that because I was a loser back in high school, and I’m slowly learning through this book. The key is hitting on the right women, and learning how women play the love game. It’s surprising when you finally get the chance to observe them and see how they react to certain things you do. It’s almost 100% accurate. I think this book shares the exact blueprint of women, and it’s great help in the dating process. You also become more confident because you know you got them all figured out.


This specifically caters to males and the dating game

I've researched body language online, but the information was all very general. This e-book specifically caters to males and the dating game. It details the critical information males need to know in order to ensure their success with women: What to do, what not to do and how to read women. The photos showing the social interactions between a man and a woman are on point. I now have a better understanding of how to and how not to initially approach a woman in a social setting, how to and how not to stand next to a woman and haptic [touch] communication. I plan on browsing through this e-book before each social gathering I attend, until I have it memorized.

Eric L,
Boston, MA

The best I've read on the subject

Most normal people have a limited supply of money. This makes people unwilling to buy products they are unfamiliar with. Personally, I am no different than the rest. I am always skeptical of products which claim to be good, but have no guarantee. After reading through the book, I can firmly say that it is a good buy for both men and women. There are many reasons why this E-book is the best I've read on the subject of body language. Of these reasons, three stand out in my mind: the focused content, illustrations, and the price.

Russell Hammond,

This has been thoroughly thought out...

This book has been thoroughly thought out and depicts many body language signals that are commonly missed. By taking these forgotten signals into account, our interactions with people can be dramatically improved, and many opportunities will no longer be lost.

LA Trip,
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