Real Fast Book Marketing

by John Kremer & Daniel Hall,

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Are you an author wishing to get published? Are you looking to make more book sales? Do you want to start your marketing program but don't know how and where to start?

If you've answered 'yes' to those questions, then you will benefit from Real Fast Book Marketing - a program/course by John Kremer and Daniel Hall. It features 14 ways any author can follow to sell 100 to 200 books in 2 weeks or less. The marketing steps and techniques you will discover in this program can easily be completed by a first time author or marketer. No matter how much money you have, how much time you can spend, how comfortable you are in meeting new people, who you know, and what you currently know, there is a way or method that will work for you.

With Real Fast Book Marketing, you won't be required to do a lot of complicated things. You don't have to Tweet, use Facebook, do an Amazon bestseller campaign, sell to corporations, create a viral video, to have a distribution deal of any kind, have your own blog, and others. Even if you don't have your own website, you can make more sales. If you follow a few simple steps, then you can make serious cash and be successful in selling books. Just repeat the steps and you will be making more sales month after month.

Real Fast Book Marketing will provide you with what you just need so marketing and selling books will be simple and easy. This course/program will change the way you do marketing forever.

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A must-have...
On-Site Review

Are you a new author? Do you wish to write a book and bring it to others? Are you shaking about the prospect of selling your book? John Kremer makes all of the steps to sell your book so easy.

Terry Gardner

truly the top authority on marketing books...
On-Site Review

If you want to sell books, the smartest thing you can do is invest in John Kremer’s seminars. John is truly the top authority on marketing books.

Mike Walker

Highly recommended!
On-Site Review

Kremer is the go-to guy for marketing books. Not only are Kremer’s tips and resources excellent for promoting books, but you can use many of the techniques and strategies for promoting a variety of other goods and services. Highly recommended!

Joel Comm

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