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Mothers will surely rejoice because of Real Potty Training! by Patti. This eBook is dedicated to teaching you how you can easily potty train children from 16 months to 4 years old. Patti is a mom of seven, so she’s been through the process over and over again. In her book, she shares the best practices she’s learned over the years when potty training her own kids. According to Patti, she has shared the same techniques to other mothers, and they’ve all successfully potty-trained their own babies. Also, she guarantees that this will work for any kind of children, as she has seen in other clients.

Inside Real Potty Training! by Patti, you will learn the science behind potty training – what it truly is and what basic skills you need to master before training your child. She also discusses the signs to look out for in order to determine whether or not your child is ready for potty training. The basic stuff to prepare are also clearly laid out. Plus, Patti discusses how to deal with relapses, traveling, babysitters, and other difficulties potty training moms usually encounter. Basically everything you need to know is discussed in the 10 chapters of this guide.

Real Potty Training! by Patti will surely be heaven-sent to all moms who have little ones to potty train. This guide will definitely change the way moms all over the world do potty training.

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Potty training isn't so hard after all!
On-Site Review

My daughter turned 3 in July. She had the attitude. I'm a big girl in diapers! I'm not wearing panties! She would use the potty upon occassion when she felt like it. She definitely knew what it was for.

Well, all week I've told her we were almost out of diapers. Finally we ran out! :O) She also wants to take dance class...which requires potty training. So...with the no more diapers and the little reminders of dance class...we've made huge progress.

I read Patti's book and used several of her phrases. I have been very careful on how I have worded things and my reactions. I made sure we had a lot more one on one time today than usual. (Not allowing her to go off to her room to play for long periods of time.)

She has been in big girl panties all day. (We tried pullups in the past...had horrible luck...too much like a diaper!) She has gone the entire day using the potty...poop and pee...NO accidents! Going sometimes without me even mentioning it. All by herself!!! :O)

I know it is only the first day but I am thrilled! This is the best we have ever done!!! :O) I imagined this was going to be a much bigger battle..

Will be recommending this to everyone
On-Site Review

I potty trained my very stubborn 3 year old, who has had NO interest in potty training, though we tried all sorts of encouragement, but listened to the doctor and others who said she will do it when she's ready. Since her 4th birthday is in less than 2 months, we were tired of waiting!After looking at several offerings on ebay and others, I decided the $$$ is more than worth a try. I must say, Patti is highly underpaid for her work!I read the ebook on Saturday, had all the items ready, and set aside Memorial Day to stay in the kitchen all day. After 2 accidents, she finally cooperated after about 8 hours. Stayed dry all night, almost made it to the potty that morning, wet only her pj's, then was able to hold the rest (my fault, I let her sleep late, then while I was in the shower, she woke up, so wasn't encouraged to go right away). I worked that day, so she was at her aunt's house all day. We sent the potty seat. She had one accident there, and NO more accidents since!This is day four, and we even went shopping all afternoon yesterday. (I now the locations of several public restrooms!)I will recommend this to everyone in need of expert advice.

I had doubts but I was proven wrong
On-Site Review

My daughter just turned 2 in Jan. and she is now completely potty trained. We just had a new baby in Nov. and diapers were getting expensive for the two of them. We sat aside a Sat. and it was trying at times, but the accomplishment in the end is definately worth it! She has done so well and I'm so glad I don't have to "remind" her to go. She goes on her own! I had doubts in the beginning and so did some of my friends, but we were all proven wrong.

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