Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery

by Christopher Sia,

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Are you an artist hoping to take your skill and talent to the higher level? Are you interested in drawing pencil portraits? Do you want to achieve your dream of becoming a master pencil artist?

Artist and "pencil portrait master" Christopher Sia shares with artists like you everything he knows about drawing realistic pencil portraits in Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery. This home course is packed with lessons that will teach you step-by-step how to draw a realistic eye, nose, mouth and teeth, ear and hair like a master. Each of these lessons includes pages of tips, useful descriptions, illustrations, and images. Just follow the lessons and you will be able to create your own impressive and amazing pencil portraits at a "real master level."

And to help you achieve that level, the author reveals a few important secrets that you also have to learn. The first secret is to focus on mastering the depiction of each individual's facial feature. The second secret is to observe the small details of each facial feature. And the third secret is to see what others don't see.

Bear in mind these secrets and learn from the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery course, and you will become a master at drawing realistic pencil portraits in no time. You will also receive special bonuses if you purchase this home-study course.

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Suddenly I feel like a real master...
On-Site Review

Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery is great. I am thrilled because I have always battled to draw a nose and ear realistically, but thanks to this course people think am a real artist now, when they look at my portraits.

I am a grandma and have 6 grandchildren. I am doing pencil drawings of their baby photo's at the moment. Thanks to this course I find it much easier now especially to draw their hair. I am only drawing for 2 years but suddenly I feel like a real master :-)

I can truthfully recommend it to students or anybody for that matter who is serious about their drawings. It is the very best!

Rina Minné,
South Africa

I have found the professional within me...
On-Site Review

Before taking this course I likened my pencil drawing to reasonable yet it never ever turned out the way that I had hoped. Yet within the first couple of weeks, spending a couple of hours a day, I have noticed a 100% improvement and a much better liking to taking up the pencil.

Just by following the steps, I have found the professional within me especially when doing eyes, ears, and noses, my next step forward is to start making hair look more realistic.

I have searched so many sites on the internet for so many years (wasting my time really) to try and better my drawing/sketching style but have never succeeded getting pasted the flat 2D outcome; that is until I tried using Christopher's methods of doing things. His is exactly what I have been searching for and with time on my hands I have the outcome I have always wanted.

Harry Norton,
N. Ireland

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