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by Jay Cataldo
(6 votes)
Get Your Girl Back is a course that will teach you how to win back your girlfriend, even if you think it will never happen. It doesn't matter why you broke up - Get Your Girl Back will help you get her back! In this 4-part course, you'll learn about...
by Rosalind Sedacca
(5 votes)
Rosalind Sedacca is a certified corporate trainer, author, and a mother who underwent the hardship of telling her son that his parents are getting a divorce. The children always carry heavy emotional trauma during the divorce - worse, they may even...
(8 votes)
Going through a divorce is certainly one of the most traumatic experiences that could happen to married couples. Not only will this make a huge impact to you and your loved ones, but it will also put a huge dent in your personal finances. No one...
by Kevin AKA the Breakup Doctor
(5 votes)
Going through a breakup is probably the hardest thing a person can experience. This is especially so if you’ve been in the relationship for a long time. A lot of people go crazy not knowing what to do during the first few stages of the breakup...
by Jim Walthby
(6 votes)
Beating Cheating by Jim Walthby will help you discreetly find out whether or not your partner is cheating on you. Within this downloadable book you will learn which mistakes you need to avoid and what signs you need to look for. The book will help...
by Randy Bennett
(4 votes)
Melt Your Man's Heart is a program created by licensed marriage and family therapist Randy Bennett that shows women how to nurture a deep connection with their husbands. If you feel that your man is cold, distant, and uninterested, and you want...
by Bob Grant
(6 votes)
Long Distance Love is a unique eBook that focuses on surviving long distance relationships. It is written by “The Relationship Doctor,” Bob Grant. This guide is the product of hundreds of research hours spent on the common reasons why...
by Kit Adams
(8 votes)
Are you a Christian recovering from a recent breakup? Do you still want to reconcile and strengthen your relationship with your ex? Instead of sulking or just fantasizing about ways on how you can get your ex back, why don't you just find...