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by Jay Cataldo
(6 votes)
Get Your Girl Back is a course that will teach you how to win back your girlfriend, even if you think it will never happen. It doesn't matter why you broke up - Get Your Girl Back will help you get her back! In this 4-part course, you'll learn about...
by Dan Dennick
(7 votes)
Dan Dennick's Over Her Overnight program is a complete course that can help you get over your ex-girlfriend in as little as 7 days. It is composed of a 7-module audio and video course that deals with different aspects of moving on; the Over Her...
by Leslye Kohl
(4 votes)
Author and divorcee Leslye Kohl shares her experience with and knowledge about divorce in Divorce Survival Guide For Women. If you are going through a divorce or considering one, this e-book will help you avoid critical and costly mistakes so you...
by Dave Duggins
(4 votes)
Divorced Dads Survival Guide is an e-book for men who are getting divorced and want to learn how to deal with the mental, emotional and financial problems that can arise during the difficult divorce process.  Author Dave Duggins went through a...
by Brian Hendrick
(10 votes)
Make Your Ex Come Back is a life-changing book on getting back your lost lover. It has sneaky tactics on getting back your lost boyfriend. It was written by relationship coach and acclaimed author, Brian Hendrick. With this eBook, you will discover...
by Dan Hartwell
(6 votes)
Girl Back System from Dan Hartwell is a collection of resources that will help you get your girlfriend back after your breakup. It has 12 components in different formats, so you can use it whenever you need. The core strategy of Girl Back System is...
by Brad Browning
(8 votes)
Are you going through a breakup and looking for a way to get your girlfriend back? Let 'relationship geek' Brad Browning help you get her back in your arms through The Ex Factor - The Comprehensive Guide To Getting Your Ex Back. With this...
by Bob Grant
(6 votes)
Long Distance Love is a unique eBook that focuses on surviving long distance relationships. It is written by “The Relationship Doctor,” Bob Grant. This guide is the product of hundreds of research hours spent on the common reasons why...