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RepairSurge is a software program that's your comprehensive guide to vehicle repair. It has every tip and technique you'll need for repairing any type of vehicle. Just type in a few words on what you need and you'll get your answer in minutes!

RepairSurge's database has information on every vehicle on the road today. You'll get step-by-step instructions and helpful diagrams to help you with whatever repair or service issue you have.

The software is very easy to install and works well on all Windows platforms. You'll also need an Internet connection to take advantage of some of the features.

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repair surge
posted this review on September 4, 2014

Only reason I gave it one star is because there was no "0" or "-"......  Presented as vehicle specific but instead only offers generalities.  Save your money and buy a real manual....   Waste of time... Had it for 30 minutes and will be asking for a refund....

posted this review on September 25, 2013

Don't waste your money.  It's a scam.  There is no customer support!  Basically it tells you what a fender is, and that's it....  It is my belief that they write thier own reviews.  I have sent them three emails demanding a refund, and have heard nothing from them.  I will continure to blast them in every website I can find.

You get all the guides you need in one product
posted this review on February 23, 2013

This is a practical guide for aspiring auto mechanics because you get almost all the guides you need for different vehicles. Most of the guides are really good. Well explained and step-by-step. There are some that are rubbish, but you really get more than your money’s worth from the whole package.

It allows easy searching for any type of vehicle
posted this review on February 14, 2013

RepairSurge is an easy to use software because it allows you to search for any type of vehicle that you want to repair. The repair instructions in the software are detailed. It’s like a collection of manuals for different vehicles. You know those manuals for cars that you get separately, they’re combined in a single collection, and in a software at that so searching is easy. I’ve checked out a lot of manuals from here, but not all, because there are so many. Most of the ones I’ve checked out are really great. They’re of high quality, and I think they will be helpful for everyone. I just got this for information, but I’m not interested in tinkering with my own car. It’s just good to know what’s going on with your car even if you don’t repair it hands on.

Good product
posted this review on February 10, 2013

This isn’t what I expected it to be, but I still think it’s pretty helpful for those who want to learn how to repair vehicles. I was stupid enough to think that this is an information guide for vehicles like when they were released and who designed them, and all that, but it’s not. Yeah, as the title says it’s RepairSurge, so it’s for repairing vehicles. Silly me. Still a good product, though. It’s just not what I was expecting it was.

It's pretty good
posted this review on February 3, 2013

I like RepairSurge because the database is huge and it covers a lot of different vehicles. Nothing works as good as attending formal auto mechanic lessons, but this is the next best thing. I’ve shown some of the tutorials to my friend who has a car tune up business, and he said they’re good. I’m now practicing on a beat up Kia I got from a friend. It’s something like a hobby for me tinkering with these cars, but I’m really considering a car business in the future, so this is a good start. When my daughter graduates from college, I’ll make sure to attend formal training and start my business, but this should do for now. I’ve already learned a lot of the basics from here, so when I attend formal training, it shouldn’t be too difficult anymore.

You'll surely learn a lot from this
posted this review on January 22, 2013

I wouldn’t say this can make you an expert auto-mechanic right away, but it will help you learn a lot about your car in an instant. You might even be able to fix minor problems on your own if you got the guts. It’s a little scary tinkering with your car’s insides without proper training, but my car is old, so I got to practice with it. I can fix small issues now through what I learned from RepairSurge. The software itself is easy to install and use. I got to install it with a few clicks, and that’s it. I didn’t have problems searching for information in it. It’s also got a lot of vehicles in the database from today’s most modern ones to the popular ones ages ago. It’s a huge database, so I think you will really find info about your car here. If you have different cars at home, then you’ll get more value for your money with this one.

I can now maintain my own car
Dante Williamson (from Yaphank, USA) posted this review on January 7, 2013

RepairSurge really taught me a lot about vehicle repair. I wouldn’t say that I’m on the expert level now because I haven’t gotten any practice, but I know enough to maintain my own car and tune it up from time to time. I’m still careful not to touch parts I’m not supposed to tinker with. I don’t have money to replace my car yet. Hahaha! This is just good to have if you’re a car owner, and you don’t want to waste money on repairs all the time. it’s just good that you always know what’s happening to your car. Even when you can’t fix it or you’re afraid to touch it, at least you won’t get scammed by repairmen.

The database is huge!
posted this review on December 21, 2012

It’s  a large database of vehicle repair information, but I wouldn’t say it’s 100% complete. It’s got info on the latest vehicles, and most from a few years back, so if you have a car that you got maybe 5-10 years ago, you’re 99% sure to get whatever information you need from this database. It’s got repair information, but there are also a lot of general info on cars. Some you might already know about. There are clearly laid out instructions, and some diagrams and photos to help you out. However, it might be a little risky to try the repairs here on a good car if you have absolutely no idea about vehicle repair. It’s good to practice on some beat up cars first. Searching the database is also easy and quick. You just type in the car model and the info you want. The only thing I don’t like about this is that sometimes is requires the internet, but it’s alright most of the time.

This has got a lot of lessons and courses!
posted this review on October 15, 2012

The database is brimming with repair lessons, tips and tricks. I had absolutely no idea in repairing cars prior to getting this database, but now, I can repair and maintain my car, and that of my wife. We used to spend a lot of money getting them tuned up once in a while, but now we don’t have to do that anymore. I think with a bit more practice, I can start offering my services here. As for the software you will use to access the database, it’s easy to use and it’s light on the computer, so even if you’re running an older machine, you won’t have problems using it. Hope this short review helped!

This is a good enough book for car enthusiasts
posted this review on October 7, 2012

I wouldn’t recommend this for people who have absolutely no idea how a car works. For this to be useful for you, you should have at least the tiniest idea on cars. I bought this guide because I’m maintaining two cars at home and wanted to save on repair costs. I’m sure you know how difficult it is to maintain old cars, and how expensive too. I’d say the instructions in the book are fairly easy to follow if you have a little idea on cars already. If you have 0 knowledge, I wouldn’t suggest tinkering with your car’s machinery for more advanced problems. For stuff like changing cars and other minor maintenance routines, you can start with them. All in all, I wouldn’t give this a perfect score, but I’d say it’s a really good purchase especially for the price.

Easy to understand and plenty of diagrams and pictures
posted this review on August 18, 2012

This is a great guide for everyone who wants to learn everything about vehicle repair. I suggest not messing with a great, running car while practicing though. You might mess it up beyond repair, and we don’t want that to happen. It will be great having an old beat up car you won’t be using anymore to practice with. The guide is great even for those who have no previous experience vehicle repair. It’s got easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and it’s got a lot of pictures and diagrams to help you further. The diagrams may be a bit difficult to understand at first specially if you’re totally new, but with a little practice, you will learn which part goes where, and it should be easier from there. A lot of experience is still required though if you plan to maintain your car on your own. I’m already in the intermediate level, using everything I learned from this guide, but I still need a bit of help with my car from time to time.

posted this review on August 18, 2012

not what it says it is


Would recommend to anyone

Awesome deal! Would recommend to anyone.

Mike P.
Poulsbo, WA

Works great

Works great, has all the info I need.

Kenneth L.
Amityville, NY

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