Rift Defiant Level 1-50 Leveling Guide

by Wowhead, www.defiantguides.com

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Do you need help leveling up in Rift? Are you stuck in the lower levels for ages now? Do you belong to the Defiants or the Guardians? Well, then, if you’re the (Defiant) kind of a guy who wants to get to the highest level as quickly as possible, then check out the Rift Defiant 1-50 Leveling Guide. Created by the Founding CEO Wowhead, this video and ebook guide is a must-buy for every gamer out there who’s addicted to this very popular MMORPG game.

There are lots of Rift Defiant leveling guides being sold in the internet, and it can take quite some time to sift through all that and find the right one. And I’m sure the dedicated gamer would want to get hold of an extensive guide that really works. This is what you’ve been waiting for! Here’s what you’re getting… the complete package contains the step-by-step video guide for each level, a written step-by-step guide for each level, strategies to follow, leveling build guides, in-game web browser downloads (defiantguides.com), and lots of other cool features. Plus 3 other bonus guides are included in the pack. What more could you ask for?  More importantly, the Defiant 1-50 Leveling Guide (now using the latest patch 1.4.1) is pretty easy to use. . . So. if ever you find the game starting to get a little bit confusing and don’t know where or how to proceed, just consult the video or the written guide. It will certainly make the gaming experience a little easier. 

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Defiantguides.com brings you all this fun! The guides are easy to follow, whenever you are lost, you simply use the built in video guide to see what you should be doing. All in all, it's an amazing guide and with the upcoming other features it's well worth getting it!


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