Ripple Effect Meditation

by Dale Trenholm,

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Dale Trenholm’s Ripple Effect Meditation is a collection of binaural beats that help induce a relaxed state of mind. It has 15 audios that help you achieve meditative bliss faster in a natural way. Unlike other meditations, it does not require you to sit for long hours, and light up candles and incense. It helps your mind reach a relaxed state in everyday conditions, so you can use it whenever you need to.

The getting started audios are divided into two levels. The first three audios make up the beginner level, wherein you will learn how to relax, start the process, and get into a meditative state quickly. This part is essential for those who have not tried meditation before, since these basics are needed for the next audios in the collection. The next set is the advanced level, which has advanced relaxation audios. The techniques audios are also organized into intermediate techniques and advanced techniques, so you will not have difficulties looking for the right technique to use for your level.

With the help of Ripple Effect Meditation you will be able to experience less oxygen consumption, and a decreased respiratory rate. Your blood flow will also increase, while your heart rate decreases. These make Ripple Effect Meditation perfect for those with heart problems. By lowering the levels of blood lactate, you will be able to reduce panic attacks. Decreased muscle tension and increased confidence will also be noticeable.

Generally, if you want to reach a meditative state quickly and naturally, Ripple Effect Meditation will be great music to meditate to. With its audios and techniques organized into different levels, both beginners and advanced meditation enthusiast will definitely enjoy this binaural beats collection.

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