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SaleHoo offers a comprehensive supplier directory. For a one-time membership fee you get access to a list of over 5300 pre-screened suppliers. All the suppliers are categorized and come with full info sheets and reviews.

In SaleHoo directory, you will find suppliers for almost every product you can imagine, ranging from electronics to baby accessories. The database is constantly updated so the info you receive is always valid and up to date. A large number of suppliers ship overseas and are willing to deal in small quantities.

When you join SaleHoo website, you also get lifetime access to their online community for buyers and sellers. Here you are able to share your experience with other, ask advice, discuss specific suppliers, join with other sellers to get greater discounts, and more.

As a part of the welcome package, you will also receive the SaleHoo Goodie Bag, full of useful guides (such as dropship and shipping handbooks, How to Find Fantastic Suppliers guide, various market guides, and so on).

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Amazing directory! Regularly updated too!
Alicia Kingsman (from Van Horne, USA) posted this review on July 25, 2014

SaleHoo is an amazing directory because they don’t just stuff it with random suppliers just to have suppliers in there. It’s a collection of trustworthy suppliers that you will surely enjoy checking out if you have a retail business. I have an eBay business and a small Amazon business and my supplies all come from SaleHoo suppliers. You can even send them reviews about their suppliers to help them improve their database, which is also going to be helpful for you as the customer. I always email them reviews of the suppliers I meet through their website. I’ve met a lot as of now because I sell a lot of different stuff on my web stores, and I also have a lot of friends who are in the same business. Another thing that I like about this website is how professionally it’s laid out and run by the people behind it. A lot of other similar websites seem like they’ve just been setup and left alone to rot. SaleHoo is different. I feel that there are real people talking to me when I send inquiries and reviews. It also gets regularly updated. This is the future of doing online business. I’m sure that SaleHoo can help a lot other online entrepreneurs like myself. I just hope that it gets more attention because right now, there are a lot of crappy databases who are still scamming newbie online entrepreneurs. It’s disgusting!

This is just awesome!
G. Kilmer (from Isom, USA) posted this review on July 8, 2014

SaleHoo’s comprehensive directory of suppliers got me started on an amazing business! I found Salehoo  a few months ago in an online discussion of eBay and Amazon sellers. At that time, I didn’t have a business yet. I was still deciding on a good one to setup and I was still thinking of suppliers to work with. Anyway, so I heard about SaleHoo, and then decided to try it. I was overwhelmed with the number of sellers and suppliers on the website. Take not that these suppliers have been proven real and reliable by the SaleHoo team. I had so many options to choose from that it became even more difficult for me to decide on a specific business to setup. Finally, I decided on garments because my daughters love clothes and I thought it would be a great way to get them involved in the family business. I found 3 suppliers on SaleHoo that had the kind of garments that I wanted and that really got my business going great! I have also met some people who are in the business, and we’re trading ideas now and business plans. SaleHoo has become the backbone of my business. I don’t know how long SaleHoo has been around, but I bet it has helped so many other online entrepreneurs. For the price, their service is really hard to beat. If you’re looking for just one website to trust for all your needs, then this is what I’d recommend you. It’s awesome!

This is the driving force of my business
posted this review on June 9, 2013

SaleHoo is the driving force of my business. I’ve been working with different supplies since I started my personalized gift items business. I found all of my suppliers on this website. I got suppliers for mugs, cups, foldable fans, plain t-shirts, button pins, and a lot more. My skepticism faded away after several months of jumping from one supplier to another. I also have good use for the tracking and monitoring tools on this website now. They really help when you’re researching for a new marketing campaign to try.

A legitimate database of legitimate businesses
Janelle McBride (from Cornish, USA) posted this review on June 9, 2013

SaleHoo is the only legitimate website for suppliers that I’ve found on the internet. There are a lot of websites claiming to be your “link” to legitimate wholesale businesses, but I doubt their credibility. SaleHoo has been around of quite some time now, and a lot of entrepreneurs swear by it. When I was starting out, I did a lot of reading. Thanks to honest testimonials by other internet entrepreneurs, I avoided quite a lot of scam sites, and landed on SaleHoo. I consider it one of my biggest business decisions. I got a few suppliers here for different products that I now carry on my website. The market research tools are also very helpful. I sell a lot of products on my eBay store and personal website. Through SaleHoo’s tools, I figure out right away which products are most saleable. SaleHoo’s a big contribution to my business. I’m really happy that I found this, and I hope other aspiring internet entrepreneurs will give it a try too.

This is the best supplier directory hands down!
posted this review on May 20, 2013

What I like most about Salehoo is that it’s not just an ordinary database of suppliers. These are actually pre-screened suppliers. They’ve been checked for legitimacy, so you can have more confidence dealing with then even if you’re planning to do business with suppliers in other states or abroad. I was just starting my eBay business when I found Salehoo, and it’s supported my business a lot! The suppliers here offer different products from clothing to car parts, virtually anything you can think of. They currently have hundreds of thousands of members, and that’s enough to keep the business alive. Their forum also has a lot of business tips from other entrepreneurs and from the editors themselves. If you’re just getting started, they have a research lab where you can do your research on which products are selling like pancakes in the market, especially in your area if you’re running a physical store. The goodie bag for new members is also a great starting course if you don’t have your shop setup yet, but it’s mostly for online selling, like dropshipping, shipping directly to customers, overseas shipping, and a lot more. It’s a complete package for the budding entrepreneur. I wouldn’t trade Salehoo for any other business website like it. It’s the best hands down.

It's an awesome websit for beginners in retail
posted this review on March 20, 2013

I could have done my own research looking for a supplier for my eBay store, but I figured out it would be a lot of easier if I just did everything through Salehoo. Salehoo has got a lot of people looking for the best suppliers, dropshippers, manufacturers, and a lot more of almost any product you can think of anywhere in the world. They know who the legitimate ones are, and that kind of gives me peace of mind when transacting with strangers. Salehoo has detailed profiles of these suppliers, so you can do business with confidence. There are also a lot of tools on the website you can use for market research. These tools are sometimes sold separately, so you will really get more than your money’s worth upon joining the website. The only thing I don’t like about this is the included informational materials in their goodie bag. The guides don’t contain much information that are new to me. I’ve been in the business for 2 years, and much of the information in the guides I’ve already learned from experience, and through reading other business books.

All in all, Salehoo is great for those who are just starting out in the retail business, especially those who  are still looking for trustworthy suppliers to work with.

The best list there is!
posted this review on March 4, 2013

There are so many suppliers included in this list. I thought before they were just random suppliers, but to my surprise, SaleHoo actually did background checks for all these suppliers. They are highly rated suppliers for all sorts of stuff, and they’re usually the best in their business. Whatever it is you’re thinking of selling, whether you are with eBay or with Amazon. Some of the suppliers here even offer drop shipping services. They’re really easy to work with, very responsive and professional, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find the suppliers of all suppliers for each category. Yep, these low profile business moguls exist and they have products from all over the world. These people are keeping my little businesses alive. I’ve been on both eBay and Amazon for almost 7 years now. When I found SaleHoo, it became so much easier to grow my business. I’ve 4 suppliers I got from SaleHoo and they’re all topnotch.


When I started my membership with SaleHoo...

...i wanted to find some great quality inexpensive jewelry to sell on a new ebay shopopulent gemz, please take a look at ebay uk - opulent gemz and read some of the great feedback I have received about the jewelry i have purchased to sell on in my shop. I'm now a power seller and things are just going great. I’m a mum who works from home, so i can still care for my two boys Max 3yrs and Freddie 2yrs. So thank you SaleHoo for your support and great wholesale jewelry shops you have put in contact with.

Denise Bartram

"Salehoo provides excellent supplier information"

I became Salehoo membership after spending hours and hours looking around the web for best wholesaler information place. I am from India and presently carrying out research work in getting information of wholesalers on internet. They opened the doors and assisted me in my work. Salehoo provides excellent supplier information that is necessary for the success of any company. I am proud to say that I have best business partner behind me which will continuously helping the partners. It has enough computer tools and information even kid can success.

S Anand Kumar


I'm very glad to find SaleHoo to be my online sales resources at a very affordable price. During the last half year I've got great support from the SaleHoo team, such as educational auction videos, and how to import courses etc, which helped me alot to have the first hand knowledge to get started. Recently I just decided to pursue my online sales on a full time basis, as I believe with the help of SaleHoo team, I'm on the right track.

Maggie Ma,

"Salehoo came to open the doors"

I am in the phase of research and assembly of sales for the Internet. I am from Brazil, where to get information of wholesalers, it does not exist. Salehoo came to open the doors and to assist me in this my work. Salehoo is an excellent supplier of information, essentials for the success of any company. Especially for my country, where it is not common to offer information on wholesalers. I believe that when starting my business, I will have success, thanks to partnership that I have with Salehoo.

Teco de Souza,

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