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by John Davidson
(3 votes)
If you're looking for low-budget construction plans for your art studio, garage, barn or even your dream house, look no further than 50 Complete Contractor Blueprint Plan Sets. John Davidson, an accomplished and experienced residential designer/...
by Kathryn Calhoun
(6 votes)
Kathryn Calhoun, a wedding author and expert on smart wedding shopping, released her 133-page eBook The Alternative Bride's Guide to Wedding Savings. This guide aims to help you plan your own wedding and save on costs for wedding planners, and...
by James Steubing
(6 votes)
Summer vacations can really drain your family budget. Between airfare, hotels, activities and food, it can get quite costly. It doesn't have to be that way, though, thanks to James Steubing's Travel Secrets Guide. This is an e-book that lets you in...
by Chris Kobewka
(7 votes)
60 Minute Trader is a futures trading e-course that will teach you how to make hugely profitable trades. Course creator Chris Kobewka proves that futures trading isn't difficult and doesn't require a lot of investment, expensive software, constant...
by Juan Doe/John Doe
(9 votes)
Do you dream of having a grand vacation? One of the most beautiful places that you might want to visit is Cancun in Mexico. However, visiting Cancun isn't really cheap. Many tourists or visitors fall victim to the so-called “Cancun...
by Elin Bullmann
(4 votes)
How To Survive Foreclosure Or Avoid It Altogether gives you expert advice and essential information on how to stop or avoid foreclosure, get out of debt and cut your losses. This comprehensive e-book shows you what to do and what not to do to save...
by Abhishek Agarwal
(5 votes)
Budgeting is among the most stressful parts of household management. A single mistake can leave the family in bad financial status for weeks or even months. If you find budgeting a mind boggling task, you need Family Budget Made Easy. This 118 page...
by Jessica Richardson
(6 votes)
Are you struggling with your family’s economy? It is doubly difficult to make ends meet especially if you have a big family to feed. Not to mention experiencing joblessness, getting laid off and other financial strains. It is due to her share...