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by Elin Bullmann
(4 votes)
How To Survive Foreclosure Or Avoid It Altogether gives you expert advice and essential information on how to stop or avoid foreclosure, get out of debt and cut your losses. This comprehensive e-book shows you what to do and what not to do to save...
by Jessica Richardson
(6 votes)
Are you struggling with your family’s economy? It is doubly difficult to make ends meet especially if you have a big family to feed. Not to mention experiencing joblessness, getting laid off and other financial strains. It is due to her share...
by John Davidson
(3 votes)
If you're looking for low-budget construction plans for your art studio, garage, barn or even your dream house, look no further than 50 Complete Contractor Blueprint Plan Sets. John Davidson, an accomplished and experienced residential designer/...
by Ed Van Eeden
(3 votes)
Worm Farming - Beginners Guide To Starting A Worm Farm by Ed Van Eeden provides comprehensive information about worm farming and how it is related to environmental preservation and frugal green living. This e-book will show you how you can...
by Les and Jane Oke
(5 votes)
Build A Wind Generator is the perfect e-book for you if you want to drastically decrease your electric bills for good and start living an eco-friendly lifestyle. It provides plans you can use to build your own wind generator. If you have a wind...
by foreclosuredefensesecrets
(3 votes)
Foreclosure Defense Secrets contains important information about the foreclosure process and tips on how to prevent it. This guide will arm you with knowledge so you don't just submit to the foreclosure and lose your home, savings and almost...
(4 votes)
As the title says, Free Cable is an e-book that will show you how to get free cable access without paying a dime to your cable company. You will get all kinds of channels, and even more of them than you're paying to get now. Whether you want to...
by Juan Doe/John Doe
(9 votes)
Do you dream of having a grand vacation? One of the most beautiful places that you might want to visit is Cancun in Mexico. However, visiting Cancun isn't really cheap. Many tourists or visitors fall victim to the so-called “Cancun...