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In his book Secret Behind the Secret, Eric Amidi, a quantum physicist, reveals the science behind the law of attraction. Step-by-step he shows how you can apply the principles of the Secret in real life.

Within the pages of Secret Behind the Secret, you will learn about the 3 hidden forces in you that you can use to control what is going on in your life. In addition, this book will teach you simple habits for success that can be worked into any lifestyle.  Finally, this book will also show you the things that you need to know before you can actually use the Secret, as well as hidden blocks to manifestation that everyone carries with them; you will find out how to eliminate these obstacles allowing you to manifest and believe. In short, Secret Behind the Secret will show you ways in which you can transform your life and create the reality that you desire.

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So much information in one amazing book
posted this review on July 30, 2014

Secret Behind the Secret gave me a better understanding of the helpful yet somewhat confusing book, the secret. I did not expect such amazing information from a simple book. With Secret Behind the Secret, it’s like absorbing the book from a different angle and being able to really squeeze everything out of it. It’s not that simple at first but it can get rather addictive once you start understanding the program in general. I definitely recommend Secret Behind the Secret both for those The Secret fans, and for those who simply want a good read about mind mastery, law of attraction, life improvement, and self-help.

A new and interesting approach to LOA
Bernie Marslow (from Wiscasset, USA) posted this review on December 10, 2013

It’s true that there are so many LOA products in the market and only some of them, really few have original and valuable content. I’ve fallen victim to a lot of LOA scams on the internet so many times. Most products have rehashed information, others are just definitions of LOA and people who have been successful because of LOA. Most of them don’t have the process on how to get LOA working on a person’s life. Secret Behind the Secret has an entirely different approach to LOA, but it’s something that makes sense, and that might actually be possible in the long run. I doubt some teachings but I’m quire open-minded about them because of the explanations in the book. This is worth reading for all LOA enthusiasts. If you want to go back to the basics and start LOA on a different pah, then I highly recommend reading this.

Got me started on LOA
posted this review on May 5, 2013

Secret Behind the Secret served as my entry point to law of attraction. It’s the first book I got on the law of attraction, and I can already feel it working in my life. I have already experienced so many positive changes in my outlook and my life in general.

Was shocked to find out this stuff is real
Alejandro Matias (from Scott City, USA) posted this review on April 17, 2013

People have been fussing about the law of attraction for so long, but I didn’t give it any attention because I thought it was just another fad that will go in time. When I chanced upon another law of attraction article while reading an online magazine, I got curious and that’s when Secret Behind the Secret came in. IT’S REALLY SURPRISING! The effects totally blew me away. I am now feeling the power of the law of attraction when harnessed correctly. This isn’t just some internet trend, it actually works if you do it right. I am now experiencing what the author calls synchronicities. These are events that are so eerily close to the things I want to manifest. They’re coincidences that lead you to what you want. It’s so awesome that it almost scares me. Believe it or not, I’m amazed by this program. As I said, I’m not into internet fads, but this is something that’s worth trying whether or not you’re new age freak or whatever. Just go check this out and feel the effects on your life.

This helps me attract good luck
posted this review on March 30, 2013

I bought Secret Behind the Secret 3 months ago after transferring to my new job. I had a falling out with my old boss, which pushed me to move to a new company. I was seeing a bright future in the previous company I worked for. If that problem with my boss hadn’t gotten in the way, I would have been promoted by now. Secret Behind the Secret helped me bounce back to my feet. I needed a lot of help at that point as I was really disappointed in everything that happened to my professional life. I worked hard in that job for so long. I’ve contributed so much to the company, and helped my boss a lot. He’s delivered so many powerful presentations that I prepared for him, he’s pushed our stats to the top with my help, and a lot more. I felt as though everything I did for the company went to waste. With the help of Secret Behind the Secret, I managed to get rid of the self-limiting thoughts I incurred throughout that ordeal. I managed to sort out my emotions and to separate facts from the mere negativities I’ve made up in my brain. I think my positivity was able to attract good luck, as after 3 months of working for this new company, I was promoted to a supervisory position! I am still practicing what I learned from Secret Behind the Secret, and I’m looking forward to many more positive results.

The theories make sense
posted this review on February 16, 2013

Secret Behind the Secret is a good product and the info it contains really makes sense. I’m not in the position to decide whether or not this is the best way to practice the law of attraction, but it’s what works for me. Also, the explanations in the book are very clear, and you will really know why you need to do each step. Learning becomes easier that way.

I understand everything now
posted this review on January 21, 2013

Secret Behind the Secret is an awesome course! I learned a lot here that I didn’t learn from the original The Secret course. It talks about the forces in life so clearly. In fact, it’s the clearest explanation on the law of attraction that I’ve seen. I’ve seen a lot other resources that talk about the law of attraction, but with this one, I finally understood everything.

The first step to living your life the way you want to
posted this review on November 4, 2012

I’d no idea in LOA before buying this book, so I can’t compare it to other resources in the market, but I’ve to say it gave me a good background in law of attraction, and I’m already feeling it working its magic in my life. For one, my outlook has changed, and my daughter even commented that I seem more pleasant. The lessons on the forces that run my life, and the things that keep me from getting what I want are very enlightening. I feel that everyone should give the program a chance, so they get to feel what it’s like to live a life without fears and boundaries. I think it’s what LOA is about – knowing you can achieve your goals and making sure they happen. It’s about seeing your life uncover the way you want it to. Reading this book may not be enough to turn you into that person, but it’s a great first step, nonetheless.

Has a unique approach
posted this review on October 26, 2012

I know that there are so many books promising to share the secret to taking full advantage of the law of attraction, and that only a few of them actually work or deliver. It’s a little difficult to find law of attraction books now that have real information. If you’re looking for one, look no further. I’ve downloaded a hell lot of manifestation, mind mastery, and law of attraction eBooks, and this one is among the few I’d recommend. This is perfect for beginners since it’s clearly written, and well-explained, but it’s also got a lot of surprises to those who are already into practicing the law of attraction. It uses an entirely different, yet effective approach. You will find it a little odd at first, like I did, but if you try it, it’s actually a lot more effective than others.

All my skepticism went away
posted this review on October 18, 2012

I didn’t really believe in the law of attraction until I got a hold of this book. it’s true that there are already so many resources  about manifestation out in the market that it’s become difficult to figure out which ones to trust. There are sooo many out there and I’ve probably been lucky to find this book on my 5th try. I was really skeptical then, but one of my friends, whose sister became successful because of manifestation really urged me on and told me over and over again that it’s gonna work, so I just kept downloading more resources. I think I’m still lucky enough that I only needed to go through 4 crappy eBooks before finding this one. It does work great for me. It’s absolutely awesome, and though the “secrets” take a bit of practice and do not take effect in an instant, the end effects are wonderful, amazing even! I really love this book and I hope you guys give it a chance. Just try it and see the effects happen in your life.

Great for manifestation newbies
posted this review on August 13, 2012

This book is great for newbies to the law of attraction. While looking for a good book to use, I saw this on some reader’s comment. I was supposed to buy another law of attraction course, but since that person mentioned that this is better for beginners, I purchased this instead. It’s really worth the money. I didn’t purchase any other law of attraction book after this. What I got though is a software, but that’s a different product altogether. So if you are considering buying a book on law of attraction, I suggest getting this. I’m not sure for advanced manifestation practitioners, but for beginners to intermediates, I’m sure this will be perfect.

The only law of attraction resource I trust
Joel D. (from Minneapolis, USA) posted this review on July 5, 2012

I researched about Dr. Amidi before getting this book. I’ve been ripped off by a lot of law of attraction resources since it caught my attention years ago. I find his bio a little hard to believe, but I purchased it anyway because of the good reviews about him.

Secret Behind the Secret is the ONLY law of attraction resource that is worth my money. It has been enlightening, and I got a lot of important lessons from it. It is also well-written, unlike all the rehashed crap out there. I particularly liked the “deblocking” tips to let all the positivity in. They are unique ideas that are worth paying for.

This prod is good
123654 (from 123654, 123654) posted this review on January 31, 2011


This prod is good

If you read this book and practice its principles in your life..
kikear (from alajuela, costa rica) posted this review on March 20, 2010

You will be a miracle yourself, things dont exist any where but on our minds, even the material word must be made from God's mind and becomes true from our mind if we want to.
I hardly recommend it to any smart person out there. Best wishes to you and thank to Eric for the help writting this book.

interesting read,
Doozeel (from Nashville, USA) posted this review on June 7, 2009

it was an interesting read, and gave me a great deal of perspective.

Alitstar (from Subang Jaya, Malaysia) posted this review on May 13, 2009

I really hope Gary is right. With so many e-books on LOA in the market, we keep getting almost the same point of view yet no action.

We tend to be involved in more purchases of e-books, more reading and little or no mifestattion. The LAW seems to draw all our money to e-book publishers.

I hope, for mankind's sake, that somebody give away the secret, of all secret of the!

If they do, I bless them. And intensely think and feel that everyobe whom became successful out of it will tithe at least 10% of their new found wealth to this nice person.


I highly recommend it

There are numerous books that have focused on personal success. However, they seem to miss the mark when it comes to explaining how to apply their concepts. This is where Dr.Amidi's book is exceptionally strong. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to apply The Secret in their personal life.

Garry Kimmons

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