Secrets Of Flirting With Men

by Mimi Tanner,

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Secrets of Flirting With Men will show you how to get and keep the attention of a man you like. The author is a well-known relationship author Mimi Tanner. In this course, she reveals effective flirting techniques that fit just about any information, so you’ll always know exactly what to do and say. Here’s a short preview of what you’ll find in the Secrets of Flirting With Men:

  • The right way to flirt with different types of men,
  • How to practice your flirting skill before you apply them where it counts,
  • How to react if you have misjudged the man and want to get out of the situation,
  • Ways to flirt innocently while sending some hot signals at the same time,
  • How to bring more sparks into an existing relationship,
  • How to make a lasting impression on any man,
  • How to keep the attraction growing and make him want to see you again,
  • The deepest psychological needs of any man and how you can meet them,
  • And more…

Secrets Of Flirting With Men is an online course (featured on a private, password-protected website). The classes are in e-book (174 pages) and audio format. You can view them online or download them to your computer.

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I learned so much about men!
K. Inman (from Oakley, USA) posted this review on May 20, 2014

I learned so much about men through this guide. I just got my first boyfriend a few months ago because of the flirting techniques I learned from here. I’m not a pretty girl, so this is important for me. Now even if I’m not beautiful and sexy, I can keep men wrapped around my fingers. My boyfriend is a hot guy and he’s so nice to me, and I feel like he loves me more than I love him. This is the first time I’ve ever experience this, and I’m so thankful to Secrets Of Flirting With Men.

Subtle yet effective tricks
posted this review on December 14, 2013

I agree with Mimi that flirting is one of the strangest things in life. I was an average student back in high school. I dated a bit, and I’ve been with men a bit too, but I never really had the chance to master flirting. I just happen to have above average good looks so a few guys approached me and asked me out. But when it comes to flirting, I had absolutely no idea. I was actually a bit awkward back then. I decided to learn a bit more about flirting just last year. I’ve been single for almost 2 years, and I felt that my good looks weren’t being of much help getting me a guy. I wanted to learn subtle flirting, and that’s what Mimi taught me in her book. These flirting ideas are great because they don’t go overboard. These are flirting ideas for mature people because they’re very intelligent, and they will not endanger your reputation. I will never risk being called a flirt. There is something negative to it. You can always flirt without being labeled boy crazy or bitchy or slutty. People are quick to judge, so I’m really careful with what I do with men. Secrets of Flirting with Men helps get everything right. I’m flirting with 3 men right now, and I’m enjoying it!

This book is so informative!
Mary Grain (from Mauriceville, USA) posted this review on September 21, 2013

I’m bringing my flirt on with the help of this book! I’ve just lost a lot of weight and I feel like I’m ready to go out into the world and get those boys down on their knees. Hahahaha! This guide is very entertaining and informative. I love how it uses psychology for flirting. I always hated psychology classes back in college. Never thought I’d love them this much now! All women should read this by all means!

These are very powerful flirting strategies!
DC (from Killduff, USA) posted this review on March 17, 2013

This is a funny, yet informative book for women. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot about men from this book. Secrets Of Flirting With Men doesn’t promote flirting strategies that leave you looking like a slut. These are strategies that will have men attracted to you as though you’re the best girl they can have in their lives. I’ve already tested its power, and I’m sure you’ll like it too!

Topnotch secrets!
posted this review on January 31, 2013

If I didn’t unlock Secrets Of Flirting With Men, I’d probably still be single this month! Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and I managed to snag a hottie using the techniques here just in the nick of time. This is heaven sent for those who have been single for a long time! Since my divorce, I never thought I’d be this irresistible to men again.

The best techniques to catch men's attention can be found here
posted this review on December 4, 2012

It’s an awesome feeling catching men’s attention without looking like you’re too easy. This book taught me how to flirt subtly. People around you wouldn’t even realize that you’re already flirting. This works in the minds of men, so you get to flirt with them from the inside. You don’t have to offer them anything physical because you will be making their heads realize that they like you in a serious way. It works even for bad boys! There’s this bad boy in the office everyone’s having a crush on. I just had to find an excuse to get to talk to him, and work my magic. The whole office was shocked when they found out that he asked me out. He even left flowers and chocolates on my desk. He told me that I’m the only girl who made him feel that way, and it’s the most awesome feeling in the world. We’re still dating now, but not exclusively. I’ve got a lot of options, so I’m not jumping into any commitment now. Bottom line is that Secrets Of Flirting With Men is the smartest, easiest, best way to learn how to catch men’s attention and keep it!

The flirting tips are super awesome!
posted this review on December 2, 2012

I learned a lot about men through this book. I used to be very shy, and I didn’t have too many guy friends before. Just a few officemates I have lunch with from time to time. I don’t have a dad and a brother, so I’m really not used to being with men and I don’t know how to act around them. I’ve always been jealous of women who seem so comfortable interacting with men. Through this book, I got a peek at the male brain, and what they want in women. I gained more confidence in talking to them, and spending time with them. Soon, I started dating. Now I’m just dating guys from time to time, although there’s nothing serious going on yet. I feel so much like a high school student!

I thought I'd grow old alone...
posted this review on October 14, 2012

Who would have known there were secrets to flirting with men? I’ve been with my ex-boyfriend for 9 years, and then we broke up and I’ve forgotten everything about interacting with men. I was 30 when I found Mimi’s book, and I was rushing to get a new man I can marry and start a family with. I think that 9 years of wasted time must have taken its toll on and and it was difficult for me to find a man who’ll be interested in me. I was ready then to settle for the first man who comes along. On my 30th birthday, a friend gave me this book, and I think it was just out of a joke. She said I should just give Mimi a try because she read her organizing book and liked it. I wasn’t really taking this seriously at first. But once in the office, I decided to try one of the techniques on my officemate. We were having lunch at the pantry then, and I just thought I’d risk it just one time. The response was surprising! He ended up following me around the whole day, then sending me text messages. Soon, I’ve so many suitors in the office some even younger than me, and one of them is quite a big boss. I’m still choosing among them, but I’ll be sure to get a boyfriend before my next birthday.

Sexier in an instant!
posted this review on August 16, 2012

I got Mimi’s book on getting organized, and thought it was great. That’s why when I saw this book, I thought I’d give it a chance. I’ve long been wanting to know how to get guys attracted to me, since I see some women who aren’t even pretty being so attractive to men. I’ve never been a flirty girl back in my school days, so I really needed a lot of help. I’d say Mimi’s book is perfect! It’s taught me so much about the way men think, and how I can communicate with them, and seduce them without looking like a whore. I’ve also been able to work on my self-confidence, since I read this book. I am now more confident in approaching guys and conversing with them. I think that makes me sexier in their eyes!

Turned me into a seductress!
posted this review on July 10, 2012

Mimi’s book is great. I never knew there were “secrets” in flirting that I needed to know about. I am not very talented when it comes to attracting men. I am quite good looking so it comes off as a surprise to other people that I do not get a lot of suitors. As I got older, I got more and more worried that I’d never meet a man who would want to marry me. That’s when I decided to take action. I did a bit of makeover, so I can compete with younger women, then bought this book from Miimi. It’s great! It helped boost my confidence in interacting with men, and it helped mold me into a seductress, in a good way though. I still don’t have a boyfriend because I’m still enjoying dating.


This advice works

Ever since I started taking the Flirting Secrets course, I feel so much better about myself, and I always walk around with a smile. Previously I had one very pathetic long distance relationship. Now I have 3 guys interested in me. ...I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but now I think that everyone needs to know that this advice really works.

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