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Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed is an audio and text course that will help you master the art of hypnosis. By learning hypnotism, an entirely new world will open before you. You'll be able to persuade others to do what you want, command more respect and be able to solve common problems more easily.

This course was developed by well-known hypnotist Igor Ledochowski, who has written a number of successful books on hypnosis and has trained a number of professional hypnotherapists. That's just one factor that sets Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed apart from other hypnosis courses. 

Another of this course's unique features is that it will teach you the basic concepts of hypnosis that you can use in any situation. You'll learn what hypnosis is, how to practice it, how to get into someone's mind, how to address problems that can arise while practicing hypnosis and more. 

Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed includes 7 audio sessions, a 370-page study guide plus 3 expert level audio sessions for just $97. You can also choose to upgrade your package to platinum membership by paying a monthly fee of $47.

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I'd recommend this to hypnosis beginners
Mica Grovan (from Vance, USA) posted this review on September 10, 2012

This is in general a good product if you’re just getting started with hypnosis. For one, it’s got both an audio and a text guide, so you can easily learn your way around the entire hypnosis thing if you’re a newbie. It’s got detailed explanations on how hypnosis works, and how it’s done from the basics up. I’m not new to hypnosis, so I find the first parts of the book useless, but I know that it’s great for beginners, since I’ve been one once myself. I wouldn’t recommend this for those who already have certain types of hypnosis I mind, and those who have already mastered the basics, but for those who just learned about hypnosis recently, this is definitely a good buy. The written guide may be a bit long, and it’s quite hard looking for information you want, but if you really want a complete basic hypnosis training then skimming through a few hundred pages should be fine with you.

Really awesome stuff
posted this review on August 4, 2012

This description is perfect for the product. I really got to open up a whole new world of possibilities for me. It’s awesome knowing the art of hypnotism and being able to use it on other people, and even on yourself. It’s like you’re manipulating everything to go with what you want. It’s like engineering the world so that it suits your needs perfectly. Since I learned hypnosis, my life has never been the same. I’ve achieved more success and respect than I’ve ever imagined, and people seem to believe everything I say. It’s really the best kind of power realistically available for man I think. If there were real mind control this would be it. I know the review is quite vague, I’m sorry for that, but there really isn’t a way for me to explain what this stuff is, unless you get to try it. It’s an awesome thing really! Give it a shot!

Igor Has Given Us Something Truly Remarkable With His New Progra
On-Site Review

Igor Ledochowski has published both print and recorded material before on hypnosis. The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Program, the Street Hypnosis Deck and The Deep Trance Training manual, have all been outstanding additions to my collections of reference and hypnosis training materials.
However, Igor has given us something truly remarkable with his new program, The Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed. Igor has succeeded in providing the listener with the best possible programme of training in standard hypnosis procedures, as well as a paradigm of training in any area by presenting the information in such a way that it is readily available to the novice.
As an educator, I admire Igor's extraordinary ability in reducing complex skill sets into easily learned lessons. The detail of the entire course is striking and even the most practiced hypnotist will gain new knowledge and insight. I highly recommend this new programme and predict it will become essential training for future hypnotists.

Robert F. Kokron
Midland, Ontario, Canada

This Program Filled In Many Gaps In Knowledge That I Didn’t Even
On-Site Review

I took my first training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy almost 15 years ago, and I can’t even begin to count the number of trainings I’ve been through. I’ve got to say that I wish I had this program when I started. Igor presents the material in an incredibly clear, easy to learn, engaging manner.
I believe that a novice could become quite skilled by listening and practicing the skills Igor teaches, and from the insights he delivers. I also found that this program filled in many gaps in knowledge & education that I didn’t even know I had.

Archie Levine
Kent, Washington

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