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There is nothing classier and more elegant than being a wine connoisseur. If you want to learn everything you need to know about wines, you need Secrets of Wine. This simple guide will help you turn from a wine newbie to an educated wine enthusiast in just a few days. It is packed with all important information, from how wine is made to how wine should be taken with what kinds of food and in what occasions. These are not just wine trivia, they’re practical wine information you can use as you start wine tasting. You will also learn a lot of important information that will help you engage in conversations with other wine lovers. With everything you will learn here, they surely won’t notice that you’ve just gotten started with wines recently.

To give you an idea, some of the information you will learn from this eBook are the different official wines of different countries, such as sake from Japan and prädikatswein from Germany, including how they are made and what ingredients they contain. You will also learn the different kinds of wine tasting and how they are done. This will help you look professional when attending wine tasting gatherings. If you are planning to start collecting wine, this book will also guide you on how to store them and take good care of them, so that their quality remains superb.

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This really helped me
On-Site Review

Secrets of Wine was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve tried a number of times to get my head around wine but never followed it through. Exactly like they said, the books I tried buried me in detail and my attention span isn’t great at the best of times.

I found this book easy to read and finished it on one plane trip. It was a real sense of achievement – something I’d meant to do for a long time! I have never felt more confident talking about wine. I already had some of the knowledge this book covers but it gave me more and the confidence to use it. I’ve had 3 bottles of red from their recommendations list and they were awesome – I spent about $30 each time (2 of them were around $5 more than the price you listed). I keep the book on my laptop and use it most weeks.

Secrets of Wine has definitely worked for me.

Roy Kennedy,

Wonderful wine tasting course!
On-Site Review

Anyone wishing to get to grips with the sometimes arcane world of wine will appreciate this concise and very informative guide. ‘Secrets of Wine’ covers everything you need to know about the wine industry and is guaranteed to enhance both your enjoyment of wine and your overall knowledge of the subject. Covering all the main and emerging wine producing areas, this book guides the reader through the most popular types of wine and grape varieties, and explains the various methods used in modern (and not so modern) wine production.

In addition to listing out the best vintage years, it covers such things as official label classifications and suggested food pairings. A tasting guide and advice on the storage and decanting of wine is also provided. An added bonus is the special section on sake, which I found particularly helpful. The book is structured in such a way that you will often find yourself returning to it as a ready reference. ‘Secrets of Wine’ has certainly strengthened my knowledge and appreciation of wine, and I would highly recommend this very readable guide.

Alasdair Watson,
Hong Kong

I’m happy to recommend this
On-Site Review

I’m happy to recommend Secrets of Wine.

Having read it, I got together with 2 friends and we started trying inverse tasting, as you suggested. It was really interesting and we were amazed at how much this taught us about wine. We are now confidently buying wines that we really enjoy. It has also encouraged us to experiment more and try different wines. We’ve chosen 9 of their recommendations so far and every one of them has been fantastic – although we seem to pay around 20% more than the price they put next to them!

We still meet twice a month and each of us buys a different bottle of wine to try. This book is often used on these evenings.

We have no hesitation in recommending Secrets of Wine.

Ray Hardy,

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