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by Steve Preston
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If you are a wrestler, MMA athlete, or coach looking for complete mental toughness training, Wrestling Confidence can be a great resource for you. Developed by Sports Performance Specialist Steve Preston, this 4-part audio series reveals the mental...
by Katherine Smith
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Postpartum depression is a horrible condition new mothers usually face alone. It is quite difficult for people around them to understand this situation, so they suffer in silence and start feeling more and more helpless. If you have just recently...
by Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O’Bryan
(6 votes)
If you find your life stressful and in chaos most of the time, you probably need a few minutes to relax and unwind everyday. The city can be a very busy place, and your responsibilities could be breaking down your sanity. Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O...
by Steve G. Jones
(5 votes)
Achieving everything you want in life is possible with the right mindset. A lot of people fail because of their negative thoughts and lack of willpower, which is acceptable because we are all just humans. However, if you want to exceed way beyond...
by Al Dasch
(3 votes)
Are you a parent or a relative of a Navy recruit worried about your loved one's condition at the camp? You'll find NAVY Boot Camp - A Guide For Families a helpful and valuable resource. With this report, author and proud Navy parent Al Dasch shares...
(8 votes)
Uncover the techniques for opening up your Chakras and live your life with more freedom and choices to make.  If you feel that you are “stranded” at where you are at this moment in your life and it seems that there’s no other...
by Phil Gosling
(5 votes)
Luck Engineering is a unique eBook that teaches you how to create your luck. It is based on scientific and mathematical formulas, unlike others that rely on some weird energy to get you lucky. Phil Gosling, an expert in Theoretical Nuclear Physics...
by James Freeman
(7 votes)
Before you hate your best buddy for choosing you as his best man (trust me, he isn’t trying to get you embarrassed this time), try James Freeman’s Best Man Speech Solution. This unique e-book teaches various techniques that will help you...