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A Ghost in Every House is the first professional guide written by ghost hunters for ghost hunters. The book is based on years of first-hand experience and hours of research. This is a comprehensive manual that dispels all the myths on the paranormal...
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Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve health and well-being. However, not all types of meditation are the same. There are some meditation audios that can do more harm to your body than good. If you’re looking for the same highly...
by Jason Gold
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Are you dreaming of becoming a stage hypnotist someday? Do you want to master stage hypnosis with the help of a real master hypnotist? If yes is your answer to those questions, you need The Art of Stage Hypnosis by Jason Gold. Jason has been a stage...
by Andrew Davey
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Haven’t you ever wondered why despite of all the money management articles and money-making schemes on the Internet these days, only a few people become wealthy? Have you ever asked yourself why 97% of people fail to become rich no matter how...
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Not all hypnosis audios are the same. Believe it or not, some are more powerful than others. If you want powerful hypnosis audios that can turn your life around in an instant, you need British Hypnosis Downloads. This website is packed with hypnosis...
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Astrolead System is a membership website that gives you astrological tools to answer your questions about the different aspects of your life. It guides your life path, so you can make decisions with a lighter heart, and feel more secure about your...
by Gwenn Bonnell
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Chakrativity: Understand And Manage Your Creative Powers is an audio course that will teach you how to unleash your creative powers by using chakras (or energy vortexes) to manage creativity and make your ideas become reality. No matter what the...
by Dr. Tony Fiore & Ari Novick
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Anger Management For The Twenty-First Century by Dr. Tony Fiore and Ari Novick is a workbook that will teach you to control your anger before a situation escalates and turns ugly. You'll learn about 8 ways to control your anger you...