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by Steve G. Jones
(6 votes)
Do you know that you, like everyone else, have an incredible source of energy that can help you reach new levels of success, sharpen your memory, enhance your mental skills, improve your ability to make decisions and sharpen your...
by Dr. Tony Fiore & Ari Novick
(5 votes)
Anger Management For The Twenty-First Century by Dr. Tony Fiore and Ari Novick is a workbook that will teach you to control your anger before a situation escalates and turns ugly. You'll learn about 8 ways to control your anger you...
by Social Anxiety Solutions/Sebastiaan van der Schrier
(10 votes)
Are you looking for a way to overcome your social anxiety? Discover how emotional freedom techniques or EFT can help you permanently free yourself of this disorder without forcefully facing your fears in Social Confidence System by social anxiety...
by Gary Busey
(6 votes)
Having a good memory has a lot of perks. Some people use their awesome memory to finish work faster, some use it to ace tests. Some people with very good memories use it to make money by performing memory feats in events. If you want to improve your...
by Jocelyn Edwards
(6 votes)
Gambling can destroy your life and that of your entire family. It can blind you with promises of big wins, until you sink deep into the habit and get into big financial troubles. The problem is that most gamblers struggle with their bad habit on...
(4 votes)
A Ghost in Every House is the first professional guide written by ghost hunters for ghost hunters. The book is based on years of first-hand experience and hours of research. This is a comprehensive manual that dispels all the myths on the paranormal...
(9 votes)
Subliminal MP3s is a web site offering you a wide variety of audio MP3s that will help you change the self-limiting & negative thought patterns that have been holding you back. The web site has more than 150 ...
by Matthew Dixon
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The Subliminal Alignment Audio is a 30-minute downloadable audio recording created by Guitar Monk Matthew Dixon, founder of Zero Limits Music and author of the book Attracting For Others. This powerful yet easy-to-use subliminal vibrational...