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by Steve G. Jones
(5 votes)
Power PLR is a four-module hypnosis audio that will help you uncover the mysteries from your past life that are affecting your present life. According to hypnosis expert and creator of Power PLR, Steve G. Jones, the events that occurred in our past...
by Lee Benson
(9 votes)
Self-development and growth begins with the mind. Before you can make yourself a better person, you need to condition your mind to change self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. If you feel that your brain needs a bit of tweaking, Brain Evolution System...
by Joe Williams
(6 votes)
Emotional Freedom Technique has become a popular way to release stress, anxiety, negative emotions, PTSD, depression, fear, phobia's, childhood trauma, anger, procrastination, and a lot of other bad things that are keeping you from reaching your...
by Jerry Rosenberg
(8 votes)
Anxiety and panic attacks can be caused by a number of different reasons. People who suffer from this disorder usually experience shortness of breath, stress, and constant worrying. If you, or a loved one, suffer from this problem, you need Anxiety...
by Steve G. Jones
(9 votes)
Brain Power Control will teach you techniques you can use to sharpen your brain. You'll be able to use your brain to its full potential. The brain is the most critical part of body. It is the brain that controls the function of other body parts. In...
by Thomas Sandberg
(6 votes)
Do you feel depressed all the time? Do you have difficulty overcoming negative feelings? Do you want to change your lifestyle and never feel depressed again? If so, then Thomas Sandberg's A Feelings Driven Life is just the e-book you need. It will...
by Tony D’Agostino
(6 votes)
Long-term exposure to stress, anxiety and depression leads to many serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, infertility and more. If you want to de-stress, then Tony D'Agostino's Yoga Awakening is the perfect...
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Self Healing Expressions is a web site that offers a wide array of online healing e-courses, e-books and audios on spiritual, emotional and physical healing. If you're looking for information on physical healing, Self Healing Expressions has...