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by Jose Silva
(5 votes)
Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar is a course on dynamic meditation, which is an effective way to improve your health, outlook, lifestyle, and mental condition. It also gives peace of mind that makes your life lighter and happier....
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You probably live a very full life with stress and anxiety seemingly all round you. To get relief, you need to know how to slow down and relax, but that's actually very hard to do. That's why Mindful Relaxation Method can help you. It's...
by Carolyn Cobelo
(5 votes)
The 2012 Companion is a complete guide to healing yourself and raising your vibrations for the coming year. It is a collection of chants and prayers from Carolyn Cobelo, which will help awaken your spiritual guides and take you through the entire...
by Tony D’Agostino
(6 votes)
Long-term exposure to stress, anxiety and depression leads to many serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, infertility and more. If you want to de-stress, then Tony D'Agostino's Yoga Awakening is the perfect...
by Steve G. Jones
(5 votes)
Power PLR is a four-module hypnosis audio that will help you uncover the mysteries from your past life that are affecting your present life. According to hypnosis expert and creator of Power PLR, Steve G. Jones, the events that occurred in our past...
by Paul Jerome
(7 votes)
NLP Coach is an interactive Meta model, Milton model, and Mind Line training created by Paul Jerome. If you want to learn and practice the skills of NLP and hypnosis in the comfort of your own home, then this software system is perfect for you. With...
by Dylan Tooby
(15 votes)
Mental Mastery For Soccer Players is a training guide by Dylan Tooby that can help you become a better player by combining mental control, toughness, and hard work. This guide will teach you how to unlock the power of your mind not to only take your...
by Thomas Sandberg
(6 votes)
Do you feel depressed all the time? Do you have difficulty overcoming negative feelings? Do you want to change your lifestyle and never feel depressed again? If so, then Thomas Sandberg's A Feelings Driven Life is just the e-book you need. It will...