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Perfect Trading Mindware Program is a unique Forex trading audio collection that helps you develop the mindset of a winning Forex trader in a short time. It brings subliminal affirmations, binaural beats, nature sounds, and meditation techniques...
by Steve G. Jones
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Power PLR is a four-module hypnosis audio that will help you uncover the mysteries from your past life that are affecting your present life. According to hypnosis expert and creator of Power PLR, Steve G. Jones, the events that occurred in our past...
by Sarah Sanders
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Brilliant Yoga is a complete guide to transforming your body and lifestyle through Yoga. It contains 234 pages of yoga teachings that include step-by-step instructions, yoga philosophy, and instructional photos. Brilliant Yoga is guaranteed to give...
by Cara Yowell
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Science of Being is an eBook that teaches you how to create your dream life easily. Unlike other recordings, videos, and eBooks on law of attraction that focus only on a single aspect of your life, this one covers everything from your relationships...
by Helen Wang
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Looking your best is important in developing confidence, and getting better treatment from other people. However, real beauty is not achieved by piling on tons of makeup and ending up looking messy. It is a result of proper body care, hygiene, and...
by Anthony Smith
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Acting Career Quick Start is a collection of pdf eBooks, video courses, and live webinars that aims to jumpstart your acting career in about 24 weeks. Actor Anthony Smith reveals everything he went through during his first three months in the...
by Paul Mascetta
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Discover the truth about the Law of Attraction and find out how you can use it to attract anything you desire in life in You Can Attract it. According to success coach Paul Mascetta, this book reveals the knowledge and expertise of Law of Attraction...
by Paul Jerome
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NLP Coach is an interactive Meta model, Milton model, and Mind Line training created by Paul Jerome. If you want to learn and practice the skills of NLP and hypnosis in the comfort of your own home, then this software system is perfect for you. With...