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by Alan Tutt/Michael Lee
(11 votes)
Choose To Believe: A Practical Guide To Living Your Dreams is a comprehensive, multi-media system created by Alan Tutt. According to Certified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotist Michael Lee, this system reveals the scientific evidence regarding the...
by Dr. Joe Vitale & Steve G. Jones
(3 votes)
If you’ve been in several failed relationships already, chances are that you’ve already given up hope that a soul mate is out there waiting for you. Yes, true love is difficult to find, and some even believe that true love only exists in...
by Rachel
(4 votes)
32 Guided Meditations is a collection of meditations that are made to help you improve different aspects of your life. Rachel, creator of the program, states that while achieving focus on your own takes a really long time, having narrators guide you...
(5 votes)
Creative Visualization Audio Meditation is an audio guide on visualizing and manifesting the things that you want for yourself. If you are unfamiliar with creative visualization, it is powerful way of knowing what you want, seeing it happening to...
by Jafree Ozwald
(7 votes)
Discover the wonders manifestation can do to your life with Super Manifestor Package by Jafree Ozwald. Jafree has spent most of his life researching this unique power that can bring amazing changes to a person’s life. He’s helped...
by Dean Edelman
(5 votes)
Persuasion and manipulation are two important skills if you want to succeed in life. Whatever your career or business is, these two qualities are important in getting what you want and what you need from other people. If you want to learn how to...
(4 votes)
Sleeping Angels is a resource that introduces a revolutionary parenting method. It's a series of audios featuring neuro-linguistic programming techniques you can use to influence your children's behavior on a subconscious level. They are bedtime...
by Mark Ivar Myhre
(6 votes)
Discover what it really takes to get what you want in life in record time in How To Create Your Own Reality by Mark Ivar Myhre. In this e-book, the author, who is also known as The Emotional Healing Wizard, reveals the real powerful secret to...