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by Philip Smit
(5 votes)
Philip Smit's Entrance To Power is an e-book about living a supernatural life, or a life free from poverty, despair and sickness. Inside this e-book, you'll learn about spiritual principles you can use to experience miracles in your life. The time...
by Maxwell Swart
(3 votes)
With all the natural disasters and civil unrests happening in different parts of the world today, more and more people are thinking that there could be truth about the predictions for December 21, 2012. Do you want to know what's going to happen...
by Dr. Myles Munroe
(4 votes)
Dr. Myles Munroe is a well-known speaker, teacher, and pastor that has given countless lives direction through his motivational and inspirational speeches. He’s very passionate about spreading the word of the kingdom, and wants everyone to...
by Jose Silva
(5 votes)
Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar is a course on dynamic meditation, which is an effective way to improve your health, outlook, lifestyle, and mental condition. It also gives peace of mind that makes your life lighter and happier....
by Steve G. Jones
(6 votes)
The goal to create a better life has always been a struggle for most people. For some, it is seemingly impossible in their current emotional and mental state. The key to unlocking the dream life is not what you do, but how you think deep inside your...
by Paul Mascetta
(4 votes)
Discover the truth about the Law of Attraction and find out how you can use it to attract anything you desire in life in You Can Attract it. According to success coach Paul Mascetta, this book reveals the knowledge and expertise of Law of Attraction...
by Shelley McMurtry & L.C. Jean
(10 votes)
The Persona of the Classy, Refined, Renaissance Man is a comprehensive system/package created by Shelley McMurtry & L.C. Jean. This shows men how to develop a powerful persona and attractive and sexual character that other people adore and want...
by Valerie Dawson
(7 votes)
A lot of people have turned to the law of attraction to make their money dreams come true. While some of them have become successful in just a few years, a lot more are getting into deeper financial troubles because of throwing away money on every...