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by Steve G. Jones and Frank Mangano
(7 votes)
Power Of Thin is an e-book by world-renowned hypnotist Steve G. Jones and consumer health advocate Frank Mangano. Inside this information-packed e-book, you will discover everything you need to know about changing your weight and achieving optimal...
by Marcus James Santer
(5 votes)
Do you want to stay young, healthy, and happy? Of course you do…but how can you do that without taking supplements, following fad diets, or using a new exercise gadget? Shaolin Qigong or simply Qigong is the answer. This ancient practice and...
by Rachel
(4 votes)
32 Guided Meditations is a collection of meditations that are made to help you improve different aspects of your life. Rachel, creator of the program, states that while achieving focus on your own takes a really long time, having narrators guide you...
by Melinda M. Sorensson
(4 votes)
Melinda M. Sorensson's My Journey To An Integrated Life is an e-book that will teach you how to take control of your life. You'll be able to realize your dreams by rediscovering your inner self. My Journey To An Integrated Life will teach you how...
by Lloyd Richards
(6 votes)
Having a healthy social life is one of the keys to having a happy life. Without good people making you feel loved and accepted, life will never be complete. If you are among the many people who find it hard to make new friends and build lasting...
by Stephan Erdman
(13 votes)
Unlike men, women do not get attracted to physical appearance. Instead, they look for women who have a way with words, those who can surprise them with the things that they say, and keep them entertained with their stories for hours. If you want to...
by Mark Ivar Myhre
(6 votes)
Discover what it really takes to get what you want in life in record time in How To Create Your Own Reality by Mark Ivar Myhre. In this e-book, the author, who is also known as The Emotional Healing Wizard, reveals the real powerful secret to...
by Simon Stanley
(7 votes)
Discover the #1 truth to influencing your mind and manifesting almost anything you desire without experiencing emotional pain in Supreme Mind Mastery. This multi-media system by Simon Stanley reveals the incredible mind and emotional channeling...