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by Dr. Joe Vitale & Steve G. Jones
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If you’ve been in several failed relationships already, chances are that you’ve already given up hope that a soul mate is out there waiting for you. Yes, true love is difficult to find, and some even believe that true love only exists in...
by Dr. Sheri Rosenthal
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Banish Mind Spam: Four Steps for Deprogramming Self-Limiting and Self-Sabotaging Beliefs is a 179-page eBook on the struggles people face, and how to avoid getting trapped in them. It was written by Dr. Sheri Rosenthal, author of The Complete Idiot...
by Lloyd Richards
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Having a healthy social life is one of the keys to having a happy life. Without good people making you feel loved and accepted, life will never be complete. If you are among the many people who find it hard to make new friends and build lasting...
by Christoph Schertler
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Not many people have heard about Neuro-Linguistic Programming or just usually called NLP. NLP was once dubbed as one of those “New Age” training programs started decades ago by a mathematician and a linguist. It is quite difficult to...
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Astounding Secrets is an e-book that will give you powers that will stun people around you. You will watch people's mouths drop in amazement when they see you melt a spoon with your mind, make small objects float using your psychic powers, lie down...
by Anmol Mehta
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Meditation Teachers Training Program is a complete program composed of eBooks and videos that teach you exactly how to meditate. Yoga and Pranayama are also included in the package, so you can take your learning one step further. To help you...
by Simon Stanley
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Discover the #1 truth to influencing your mind and manifesting almost anything you desire without experiencing emotional pain in Supreme Mind Mastery. This multi-media system by Simon Stanley reveals the incredible mind and emotional channeling...
by Kit Adams
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Are you a Christian recovering from a recent breakup? Do you still want to reconcile and strengthen your relationship with your ex? Instead of sulking or just fantasizing about ways on how you can get your ex back, why don't you just find...