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by Tim Ong
(6 votes)
Even though we often don't realize it, our lives are full of fears, worries and anxieties. We may worry about money, we may feel anxious about a failing relationship or worry about health issues. We have to live with these burdens and they impact...
by Carolyn Cobelo
(5 votes)
The 2012 Companion is a complete guide to healing yourself and raising your vibrations for the coming year. It is a collection of chants and prayers from Carolyn Cobelo, which will help awaken your spiritual guides and take you through the entire...
by Melanie Fine
(7 votes)
Goal-setting and goal-achieving are two different things. A lot of people spend time and effort planning a lot of things only to end up accomplishing nothing. If you are one of these people, you need The 7-Step Success Action Plan for Finally...
by Dr. Joel Block
(5 votes)
Do you find it hard to have hard-rock erections? Have you tried drugs, pills, herbs, and potions to get your penis up but those stuff just didn't work? Do you think your erectile dysfunction (ED) problem is keeping you from having great sex? If...
by Lloyd Richards
(6 votes)
Having a healthy social life is one of the keys to having a happy life. Without good people making you feel loved and accepted, life will never be complete. If you are among the many people who find it hard to make new friends and build lasting...
by Wallace Wattles
(8 votes)
The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis is a program designed to help you get rich by changing your mindset. This system reprograms the mind, and helps you learn the secrets to getting rich through your subconscious mind. If you have struggled with...
by Rhonda Jones
(5 votes)
If you wish to have a deeper relationship with God, Christian meditation is something that you might want to try and practice. Just like the monks, anyone, including you, can also learn and practice meditation to banish negative thoughts and...
by James Freeman
(7 votes)
Before you hate your best buddy for choosing you as his best man (trust me, he isn’t trying to get you embarrassed this time), try James Freeman’s Best Man Speech Solution. This unique e-book teaches various techniques that will help you...