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by Al Dasch
(3 votes)
Are you a parent or a relative of a Navy recruit worried about your loved one's condition at the camp? You'll find NAVY Boot Camp - A Guide For Families a helpful and valuable resource. With this report, author and proud Navy parent Al Dasch shares...
by Andrej Sosic
(10 votes)
Is social anxiety taking over your life? Do you want to overcome this condition but don't know how and where to start? Author Andrej Sosic used to struggle with social anxiety too, and he is ready to share the exact steps he used to beat his...
by Mike Herrera
(7 votes)
Life has become more challenging these days than in the past years. The economy is getting worse, and the world, in general, is running out of resources. Due to these issues, it is important to change our way of thinking, and always be prepared for...
by Dr. Frank Lawlis, Gregory Palumbo & Michael Carson
(8 votes)
Discover how you can shed pounds and easily and quickly have the body of your dreams in MyMobileMinute. Created by psychologist Dr. Frank Lawlis, Gregory Palumbo, and Michael Carson, this comprehensive program reveals a scientifically proven secret...
by Rob Mellor
(7 votes)
The Quit Smoking Today program by Rob Mellor is a 40-minute downloadable audio that was designed to help smokers quit the deadly habit cold turkey. Unlike other programs that ask you to carry around nicotine sprays, use patches, take expensive...
by Joe Williams
(5 votes)
Quitting smoking involves a great amount of discipline. The problem most smokers encounter is that they do not have the proper mindset for quitting. If you want to condition your mind to finally say goodbye to smoking, you need Stop Smoking With EFT...
(6 votes)
Our chakra is the energy that powers our life. This is more than just physical energy, since it reaches out to our mind and soul. It can be compared to the battery of a car, without we simply won’t run. Also, just like car battery, our chakras...
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Binaural frequencies have a lot of positive effects on the body. It does not only relax the mind, it also has the power to increase learning ability, restore pH balance, and enhance recovery systems. At the moment, only a handful of people...