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by William Jones
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Are you suffering from marijuana addiction and would want to stop this bad habit for good? Certified life coach William Jones can help solve your problem through the Mighty Oak Inner Strength Program To Stop Smoking Marijuana. Together with...
by Dr. Todd Snyder
(5 votes)
Do you often blush in front of others for no apparent reason? Do you avoid social situations and meeting new people? If so, then Social Anxiety Secrets is just the resource you need. You'll learn how to overcome your social phobia. Social Anxiety...
by Frumi Rachel Barr
(6 votes)
Your messy inbox is eating up more of your time than you notice. Having a disorganized email might be taking away hours of precious time from your day, which you can, otherwise, use for more productive work. If you want to take better control of...
by Steven Hall
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Getting rich starts with your mindset. This is one thing that millionaires and billionaires know of that the average human being doesn’t. If you want to enjoy a financially free life, you need Wealth Thermostat (Thinking BIG!) by Steven Hall....
by Nelson Berry
(10 votes)
Subliminal messaging has long been used to create a variety of positive changes in a person’s life. It has been used in healing diseases, boosting confidence, and relieving stress. Now, this highly-effective method in harnessing the power of...
by Anmol Mehta
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Anmol Mehta's Yoga Teacher's Training and Certification Program was designed for aspiring yoga teachers or instructors who want to get their training and certification without leaving their homes. With this online training home-study course/...
by Global Sciences Foundation/Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones
(8 votes)
Global Sciences Foundation's Hypnotic Communicator Certification is an online resource program/course for those who want to get certified as a hypnotic communicator or writer. If you wish to learn how to use hypnosis to add impact and persuasion...
by Joe Vitale and Matthew Dixon
(8 votes)
The Inner Child Meditation audio package is Joe Vitale’s developed approach to the ‘The Inner Child Meditation’ taught by Dr. Hew Len at the Zero Limits III Seminar. Over time, he has perfected this meditation tool by blending Ho...