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by Katherine Smith
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Postpartum depression is a horrible condition new mothers usually face alone. It is quite difficult for people around them to understand this situation, so they suffer in silence and start feeling more and more helpless. If you have just recently...
by Heather
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Are you tired of all the manifestation and law of attraction eBooks that don’t work? Do you want to learn the real “secret” to harnessing the powers of the universe for getting what you want in life? You’ve probably read a...
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Binaural frequencies have a lot of positive effects on the body. It does not only relax the mind, it also has the power to increase learning ability, restore pH balance, and enhance recovery systems. At the moment, only a handful of people...
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Both success and failure start with the mind. The reason why more people suffer sad and unfulfilled lives is because they think negatively, and they let life program them instead of them programming their lives. If you are unhappy with your life,...
by Andrej Sosic
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Is social anxiety taking over your life? Do you want to overcome this condition but don't know how and where to start? Author Andrej Sosic used to struggle with social anxiety too, and he is ready to share the exact steps he used to beat his...
by Joe Williams
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Quitting smoking involves a great amount of discipline. The problem most smokers encounter is that they do not have the proper mindset for quitting. If you want to condition your mind to finally say goodbye to smoking, you need Stop Smoking With EFT...
by James North
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Are you dreaming of unlimited freedom, a life with no boundaries or limitations, the ability to go wherever you want and do whatever you want? Do you want to be rid of traditions, laws and government regulations that our society casts on you? Do you...
by Mike Herrera
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Life has become more challenging these days than in the past years. The economy is getting worse, and the world, in general, is running out of resources. Due to these issues, it is important to change our way of thinking, and always be prepared for...