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by Steve G. Jones
(8 votes)
Bad memories can keep you from reaching your true potential. They plague your mind continuously and causes you to lose focus on the things that matter in your present life. If you have bad memories that continue to haunt you, you need Erase Bad...
by Steve G. Jones
(4 votes)
The Angelic Realms is a course designed to help you connect to your departed loved ones, so you can regain the peace of mind that you lost upon their deaths. It was created by Steve G. Jones, a clinical hypnotherapist, and an expert in the fields of...
by Jeffrey
(5 votes)
Survive Jail is an e-book that will show you how to survive the trauma of being in prison. You'll learn every tip and trick for making it through your time and dealing with the extremely hostile environment. Author Jeffrey spent years working in...
by Rob Mellor
(7 votes)
The Quit Smoking Today program by Rob Mellor is a 40-minute downloadable audio that was designed to help smokers quit the deadly habit cold turkey. Unlike other programs that ask you to carry around nicotine sprays, use patches, take expensive...
by Wes A.
(6 votes)
Ten Keys to Breaking Pornography Addiction is a remarkable book written by Wes A., a recovering porn addict. Despite having read different kinds of help books that dealt with porn addiction, not one came close to giving him hope that he would ever...
by Wendy Joy Hart
(8 votes)
Do you get overwhelmed with your day to day life? Do you struggle with inactivity and unproductivity? Is procrastination affecting your life and the lives of those around you? Are you looking for a cure for procrastination so you can get unstuck and...
by Dave Watson
(7 votes)
Dave Watson's Reiki Distance Learning is a package that will help you achieve Reiki mastery and learn how to use the powerful energy of Reiki to heal yourself, your friends, relatives and even your pets! You'll be able to help other people by...
by Remi Marents