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by Beverly Nadler
(9 votes)
Discover the hidden truth about yourself and your power through Loving The Game Of Life by author and holistic health consultant Beverly Nadler. With the help of this life-transforming e-book, you will be able to discover who you really are and why...
by Steven Hall
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Getting rich starts with your mindset. This is one thing that millionaires and billionaires know of that the average human being doesn’t. If you want to enjoy a financially free life, you need Wealth Thermostat (Thinking BIG!) by Steven Hall....
by James Freeman
(7 votes)
Before you hate your best buddy for choosing you as his best man (trust me, he isn’t trying to get you embarrassed this time), try James Freeman’s Best Man Speech Solution. This unique e-book teaches various techniques that will help you...
by Frumi Rachel Barr
(6 votes)
Your messy inbox is eating up more of your time than you notice. Having a disorganized email might be taking away hours of precious time from your day, which you can, otherwise, use for more productive work. If you want to take better control of...
by Joe Williams
(5 votes)
Quitting smoking involves a great amount of discipline. The problem most smokers encounter is that they do not have the proper mindset for quitting. If you want to condition your mind to finally say goodbye to smoking, you need Stop Smoking With EFT...
(6 votes)
Binaural frequencies have a lot of positive effects on the body. It does not only relax the mind, it also has the power to increase learning ability, restore pH balance, and enhance recovery systems. At the moment, only a handful of people...
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Uncover the techniques for opening up your Chakras and live your life with more freedom and choices to make.  If you feel that you are “stranded” at where you are at this moment in your life and it seems that there’s no other...
by Andrej Sosic
(10 votes)
Is social anxiety taking over your life? Do you want to overcome this condition but don't know how and where to start? Author Andrej Sosic used to struggle with social anxiety too, and he is ready to share the exact steps he used to beat his...