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by Magnus
(4 votes)
Tap Yourself Free contains useful and interesting information on how you can use the simple act of tapping to create positive changes in your life. You'll learn about EFT (the emotional freedom technique), which involves tapping the body in key...
by Lee H. Baucom
(4 votes)
Relationship coach and marriage expert Lee H. Baucom introduces his "radical" approach to keeping a marriage intact and successful in Save The Marriage. If you're experiencing a marital crisis instead of marital bliss, this system will...
by Joe DePalma
(3 votes)
Energy musician, author, and speaker Joe DePalma has created a new and unique law of attraction technology/system that can help anyone manifest their desires. He calls it The Sonic Secret: Law Of Attraction Music System, and you can use it to learn...
by Dan Robey
(2 votes)
The Power Of Positive Habits package will help you reprogram your mind and reach your goals almost on an autopilot. The system is based on the so-called Cognitive Re-structuring. You learn to identify your thoughts that are keeping you from...
by Ryan Clark
(9 votes)
Do you dream of success in life? Do you want to make big money? Do you want to make new friends and enjoy an active social life?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Raw Hypnosis by Ryan Clark is just what you need....
by Terry Goss
(10 votes)
52 Mind Power Secrets will show you how to increase the power of your mind so you can have better relationships, grow mentally stronger, succeed in other areas of your life and even become a genius. Each secret you'll learn from this e-book is...
by Joe Vitale
(8 votes)
We all have different desires in life. It could be good health, peace of mind, love life, great relationships, or perhaps material things like a brand new car. Whatever it is that you want to achieve and acquire, you can do so with the help of...
by Steve G. Jones & Paul Mascetta
(12 votes)
The Hypnotic Pickup Method is an audio program that will help you attract the partner of your dreams by using the power of hypnosis. Not only that, you'll learn how to build a relationship with this person that is happy, healthy and everlasting. The...