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by Valerie Dawson
(9 votes)
Valerie Dawson, a certified hypnotherapist, will show you how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind and make your dreams a reality. Her Hidden Secret Hypnotic Visualization will teach you to activate your power of attraction and boost your...
by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
(5 votes)
Zero Limits (Live from Maui) is a set of videos that will help you remove barriers and limitations that prevent you from achieving your goals from your mind. This course is created by Dr. Joe Vitale who's also the writer of the best seller, "...
by Randy Smith
(3 votes)
If you're struggling with the Law of Attraction, a positive mental attitude and setting goals, then maybe it's your "HeadPaint." That's what you'll learn in the e-book Your HeadPaint Is Wrong. You'll finally be able to understand these...
by Amanda Goldston
(5 votes)
Clear Limiting Beliefs is a tool designed to help you eliminate the mental blocks that have been holding you back from accomplishing your goals in life. You can even get rid of those blocks that you aren't aware of! Clear Limiting Beliefs contains a...
by Nelson Berry
(29 votes)
Subliminal Video Message System, developed by Nelson Berry, is a compilation of videos that will help you realize your goals by using the power of subliminal messages. What you do, is watch a video for 20 minutes each day, preferably in the morning...
by Rev. Lee H. Baucom
(7 votes)
Save Your Christian Marriage is an e-book written by Rev. Lee H. Baucom that teaches you about the role faith has in saving a rocky marriage. If you're experiencing marital problems and are on the verge of giving up, this e-book will help you...
by Ryan Even and Mr. X
(18 votes)
Master Mentalism Guide will show you how to start performing magic tricks, illusions, and, above all, mentalism almost immediately. The Master Mentalism guide was written by Ryan Even, but the secrets that are revealed are not his. All the...
by Michael Lee
(18 votes)
How To Be An Expert Persuader… In 20 Days or Less reveals powerful techniques of persuasion and influence. The author, Michael Lee, combines the use of body language, NLP, mind control techniques, conversational hypnosis, negotiation and...