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by Jim Katsoulis
(17 votes)
Jim Katsoulis, half of the duo who created The Truth About Hypnosis, is offering a "Secret Upgrade" for this hypnosis course that will show you how to learn and master hypnosis the easy and affordable way. You'll have access to the same techniques...
by Lee H. Baucom
(4 votes)
Relationship coach and marriage expert Lee H. Baucom introduces his "radical" approach to keeping a marriage intact and successful in Save The Marriage. If you're experiencing a marital crisis instead of marital bliss, this system will...
by Farouk Radwan
(38 votes)
How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You is an e-book written by motivational trainer and NLP/hypnosis practitioner Farouk Radwan. The author's main goal for writing this e-book is to help couples restore or strengthen their love, but it can also...
by Dan Robey
(3 votes)
The Power Of Positive Habits package will help you reprogram your mind and reach your goals almost on an autopilot. The system is based on the so-called Cognitive Re-structuring. You learn to identify your thoughts that are keeping you from...
by Shannon Panzo & Richard Welch
(35 votes)
An average person uses only about 2% of his brain. Unwilling to be satisfied with this statistic, people at ZOX have devoted 33 years of research into activating the dormant part of the brain - the remaining 98%. After combining all of their...
by Magnus
(6 votes)
Tap Yourself Free contains useful and interesting information on how you can use the simple act of tapping to create positive changes in your life. You'll learn about EFT (the emotional freedom technique), which involves tapping the body in key...
by Joe DePalma
(3 votes)
Energy musician, author, and speaker Joe DePalma has created a new and unique law of attraction technology/system that can help anyone manifest their desires. He calls it The Sonic Secret: Law Of Attraction Music System, and you can use it to learn...
by Amelie Chance