Self Made Solar Energy

by Alex Roberts,

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Self Made Solar Energy is a do-it-yourself kit that will teach you how you can get household energy from the sun and the wind. Building your own power-generating device will save you thousands of dollars a year on your electric bills and bring safe and environment-friendly energy into your house.

Self Made Solar Energy consists of 2 manuals - one on building a solar power generator and the other on building a wind power generator. They provide you with simple instructions, plans, diagrams and illustrations that will make the building process as easy as possible. Every plan has been tested by professionals for safety and efficiency. The guides provide you with all the information you need, including where to purchase materials, how to wire, mount and install the panels and how to create portable devices that you can take with you wherever you go.

In addition, Self Made Solar Energy includes a directory of online and offline stores where you can buy all the materials and supplies at the lowest prices. It has never been so easy to build your own power system. All you need is $100, one free afternoon and Self Made Solar Energy.

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It works great!
On-Site Review

I have just finishing building my second solar panel and just wanted to say that it works great!! My electricity bill was already reduced by 70% and I am planning to cut off costs totally by the end of this summer 2009.

Gerald henry
Chicago, IL

I don't pay for electricity anymore
On-Site Review

I have found out about wind turbines when I travelled to US. Friends advised me to try making my own one and I have successfully went through the steps described in this guide. I'm surprised all the parts cost me only $80 here in Roma! My windmill produces 2KW... totally enough for my apartment..

Rino Rinneri
Rome, Italy

This is my best online purchase
On-Site Review

I'm so glad I tried this product. This week I made my first solar panel and I wanted to let you know it's awesome.
Only one panel saves me a big chunk of electricity. Next weekend I'll do another one. Most likely with 2 or 3 of these I will be able to eliminate my electric bill for good.

Tony M.,

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