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SilvaLifeSystem is a unique mind control and self development program. The course is based on the original Silva method. It starts off with advanced meditation. Within 60 seconds of listening to the audio, you enter into a relaxed state of mind. As an instructor guides you through the course, you go through deep Alpha and Theta level meditation.

SilvaLifeSystem combines meditation with scientifically proven visualization and imagination techniques that help you achieve whatever you want. You can use SilvaLifeSystem to sleep better, boost memory and increase IQ, improve your health, prevent illnesses, think of creative solutions to problems, be more positive, and much more. As the authors say, SilvaLifeSystem literally enables you to reprogram your mind to achieve the things that you want.

The SilvaLifeSystem contains 10 audio modules and a workbook. As a bonus, you also receive special long relaxation recordings and exclusive Jose Silva online videos.

The standard SilvaLifeSystem is in downloadable format. You can also get the Deluxe version that offers the course on CDs, packaged in a beautiful Collector's edition bundle.

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When practiced daily, this program can change your life too
ogoodie posted this review on April 18, 2010

I took the basic lecture series from Jose Silva in 1971. Three years ago, I purchased and began practicing the Silva Life System. This system has helped me change my attitude toward life and the health benefits are a plus too. The program is similar to all other programs, in that one must practice the material to receive the benefits. I use the glass of water technique for many areas of my life. I can say honestly it works. The three fingers technique helped me, a fifty-five year old man, return to college and pass with a 3.9 GPA. I have not had a headache since using the program. At one time I was obese, to be precise 120 pounds overweight today. However, I am 7 pounds underweight. My cholesterol levels are excellent, my HDLs are higher than my LDLs, and the triglycerides are in the low normal limits. I am not on a diet. I just eat healthy and have the energy to do more.
The only thing different that I have done in my life is work with 'The Silva Life System'.

It unlocks your mind
On-Site Review

My business income rose dramatically soon after taking the course. I had become a full-time investment broker and was still maintaining my insurance business. The Silva course makes your ‘strong points’ stronger and can turn any weakness into a strength. It helps to unlock your mind and set it free to seek out the knowledge it needs to grow and perform efficiently for you.

Art Thomas,

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