Simple Water Fuel

by Thomas Greene,

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Simple Water Fuel is an e-book that will show you how to run you car on water and save about 67% in fuel costs. Not only will you be tripling your car's mileage, but you'll also be improving your car's performance and reducing emissions. This modification works on every type of car and it will cost you less than $100.

To run you car on water, you need to install a device that will convert water into gas by using electricity from the car's battery. The gas that will be produced has 3 times more energy than regular gasoline and won't create any toxic emissions.

Simple Water Fuel will provide you with step-by-step installation instructions with exact blueprints that are easy to follow. If you're still unable to do the conversion, you'll get a list of mechanics that can help you. You'll also learn where to get the parts, how to claim your tax deduction for using green technology and much more.

Your purchase of Simple Water Fuel comes with lifetime updates as well as secrets that will increase your car's mileage and other bonuses.

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I'm saving so much on gas
posted this review on January 9, 2013

Glad I found this book. I’ve been saving on gas so much since I made the water engine I got from this. It was a little difficult at first because I didn’t have much experience yet in auto mechanics. I was just tempted to try because the materials and equipment needed are really cheap. I just borrowed some of the equipment needed from my neighbor’s garage. It’s simple to make after your first try. The first try is gonna be a little bit of a learning stage. After my first water engine, I’ve made 3 more in record time. One for the wife, another one for my daughter, and one for my neighbor who loaned me his equipment. The book is easy to understand, so you can follow it even if you’re not very good with cars. Just take your first one slowly so you don’t end up damaging your car. My car is pretty beat up, so I don’t have worries playing with it. If you got a new one, I think you need to be a little more careful.

Saves me money and helps me save the environment
posted this review on August 16, 2012

I save about 80% of fuel costs with the water fuel engine I created using this guide. It isn’t so easy to make, but it’s worth the effort. The parts and other materials are all affordable and they’re not that difficult to find too. It’s also a good thing that my car doesn’t produce toxic fumes now, as my primary reason for going water fuel is the environment. I have made another one like this for my wife’s car, and it also worked for hers. Imagine 160% fuel cost savings for our two cars. We can buy a new car with that money in just a year or two! I definitely recommend this book for people who want to help save the environment and for those who simply want to save some money from their fuel usage.

Not as simple as it claims to be, but effective
Martin Dale (from Hayward, USA) posted this review on July 10, 2012

It’s not that simple for the average guy, but it’s true. I tried it on an old car, and it’s running mainly on water now. It was my first time to mess with a car that way so it was kinda difficult for me. I haven’t tried it on my new car yet as I’m still observing how it goes, but so far, I’ve been seeing great results.  My friend’s car has been fueled by water for over a year now, and it hasn’t given him any problems, so I think this is safe to use. I recommend to try this. It does save a lot of money.


I noticed a 50% mileage improvement

I have a Ford Mondeo from 2005. I've just connected a Simple Water Fuel system to it, following the instructions and I'm very happy with the results. When I drive on the highway, I noticed a 50% mileage improvement. I was able to drive back and forth to one location with the same gas I used to drive only one way.
When I drive in the city it's even better. I think the improvement is something like 65%. It's very strange when I drive so much with my car, that sometimes I find myself wanting to go to the gas station. However I look at the fuel bar and can't believe my eyes.
Also, I have to mention that the emissions are a lot cleaner.

George Andres
Boston, USA

It changed the way my engine works

Everything Thomas said in the book is spot on. I also want to mention that my engine became so quiet. I have an older car and the engine was very roaring all the time. At first I thought there is something with the system or maybe the RPM is so low that I can't hear it. But I saw that speed and acceleration were better than ever.
It was just a bit awkward to not hear the engine all the time. I realize that it's from the Simple Water Fuel system. It changed the way my engine works.
And not only that, the smoke from my exhaust has gone down big time. It was making me cough all the time. I think only if you take these two and it's still worth the upgrade. I mean, I can hear music again without the noise.
And I don't even want to start talking about how much gas you can save. Insane!

Cole Rolley
Kansas, USA

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