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Singing Success TV (previously known as Singing Success ONLINE) is an educational membership site for singers. The site is an extension of Brett Manning's Singing Success self-study course. So if you don't already own that course, you should start with that. Here's a more detailed description of the original Singing Success.

But if you've already bought Singing Success and are familiar with Brett Manning's teaching methods, Singing Success TV might be your next step. According to Brett, only about 10% of his knowledge went into the creation of the original Singing Success course. The rest of his knowledge he intends to pass on in a series of videos that are available to members of the Singing Success ONLINE.

The lessons are basically videos of Brett (or one of the other 5 vocal coaches) teaching somebody how to sing. Brett usually quickly pinpoints exactly what his students are doing wrong and create completely new exercises that will fix the problem. Some of these lessons will be helpful to every singer, other are more specific and will only apply to some. But the ones that do apply to you are really worth their weight in gold. They'll tell you exactly what you need to do to get over your obstacles.

Lessons in Singing Success ONLINE include:

  • Building confidence in your voice,
  • Repairing vocal damage,
  • Overcoming nasality,
  • Using proper singing techniques so you don't damage your voice,
  • Connecting the voice,
  • Memorization of lyrics combined with word association,
  • Songwriting,
  • And much, much more...

All of the video lessons are available in Hi Definition and new lessons are being added weekly.

Monthly subscription to Singing Success ONLINE costs $34.95. If you become a member for a whole year, the subscription cost is $199 (which is just $16.58/month). If you do subscribe for a whole year, you'll also have an option of downloading all of the lessons (instead of just watching them online), and this way be able to burn the selected lessons to DVD, so you can watch them on your television.

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This reignited my love for singing
Brianna Manuel (from Maryneal, USA) posted this review on July 14, 2014

Singing Success Online didn’t just teach me how to sing, it’s made singing a lot more enjoyable for me. There was a time when I was starting to feel like singing wasn’t really for me. It was my passion alright, but the lack of improvement in my skills made me feel like it wasn’t the right thing to do for me. Good thing I found Singing Success Online. It’s helped me a lot! I now enjoy singing so much more. I am so happy that my relationship with singing was finally reignited!

Helped get rid of the nasality of my voice
posted this review on June 23, 2014

I am pretty good at techniques but my voice is a bit too nasal for my taste and that’s the primary reason why I wanted to try this course. I’d say this really helped me get rid of the extreme nasality in my voice. It still sounds a bit nasal but nothing extreme and a lot of people have actually noticed the improvement in my voice, so I guess this is worth all the hard work.

It's reall like a formal singing course
posted this review on March 4, 2014

I learned from here the proper way to sing, so that I won’t damage my vocal chords. It was my main concern back then because my aunt was also a self-taught singer but she damaged her vocal chords and now she can’t hit high notes anymore. That’s why she suggested that I try a formal singing course but I can’t afford school-based ones, so I just tried this online version, and it’s pretty impressive.  My singing has improved so much. Even our choir director thinks so.

This taught me the proper way to sing
posted this review on February 22, 2014

I’m so glad that I’ve learned the proper way to sing. The improper way to sing can severely damage your vocal chords, and you prolly won’t be able to sing again when that happens. I heard it’s happened to a lot of wannabe singers. I’m just getting started with singing and got accepted into the church choir. Singing Success Online has been very helpful for me especially since I don’t have the money to spend for singing classes.

Very high quality
posted this review on September 23, 2013

I haven’t been practicing my singing for quite some time now. I’ve been a part of the church choir when I was younger, but since getting a husband and 2 kids, I never had time to sing again (aside from the occasional karaoke parties we have with friends). When I found this (while searching for a cookbook on this website), I just had to try it. I initially wanted it for my 2 girls because they’re showing some talent in singing. But it turned out to be more suited for adults, so I ended up using it myself. It’s very nice for an online singing course. I didn’t expect this much quality from something on the internet. I limited my digital product purchases to cookbooks and other mom stuff, so I really didn’t have any idea how nice this could be. I love how the techniques are explained here. I discovered how much more I can do with my voice. I also learned the kind of songs that work best for my voice. There are also songwriting tips, which are really professional. I’ve already tried songwriting, and I’m now torn between singing and songwriting. They’re equally fun hobbies. I highly recommend you try this at least for a month. After that you will surely want to stick to this program, and maybe go for the annual membership like I did.

Super fun way to learn singing
Hindy T. (from Dixmont, USA) posted this review on July 31, 2013

Singing Success Online is a fun way to learn how to sing. Singing is fun, but if you have to learn theories behind it, and if you really need to practice with a certain goal, it becomes a pain in the butt. I’ve been singing for quite some time now, but I haven’t really been into formal singing lessons. With Singing Success Online, I think I might just be able to learn so much about singing without feeling like it’s a burden. My friend recommended this to me after I noticed a great improvement in her voice. She said it’s the only program she took, so envious little me dived into the program right away, and I really had fun. This is nowhere like other singing guides that make you read chapters and chapters of theories and make you do the same drills over and over again. Here, learning while enjoying is a priority, and nothing can be better than that. Right now, I’m guessing I’ve already improved, but I have yet to find out when I go out singing with my friends again.

This is my new favorite!
posted this review on June 23, 2013

I’m a fan of the original singing success so when I saw that Brett has come up with another product, I grabbed it right away. I have huge faith in Brett. He’s not only a talented singer, he’s also an extraordinary teacher. His original Singing Success did wonders to my voice. It was really my Holy Grail singing system. I expected nothing less from Singing Success Online and I wasn’t disappointed. It is actually more than what I hoped it would be. It’s been worth waiting for, and finally, I can learn a lot of new singing techniques presented in a better way. Brett never fails to surprise me and I’m sure it’s the same for other fans of his singing programs. I love how Singing Success Online allows interaction among members. I’ve already met some singers, I’ve viewed their profiles the same way I view profiles on Facebook. I feel like this community can be a support group for anyone who wants to learn how to sing and of course, for those who just want to polish their singing. The quality of Singing Success Online is just so awesome no other online singing course can compare to it.

A gem!
posted this review on August 15, 2012

This is an awesome singing course! It’s the best I’ve seen online, and this is the only one I’m using until now. Brett really knows how to teach music without interaction with his students. His course is organized, and very easy to follow. I’ve attended singing classes before, but I found this complicated and confusing, so I quit them right away, but this one’s different it’s an extraordinary course that’s both effective and enjoyable. Definitely a gem among all the rubbish you will find online. I really couldn’t recommend this course enough.

Better than the first Singing Success Course
Gretch (from Fort Lauderdale, USA) posted this review on July 8, 2012

I am a graduate of Brett Manning’s original Singing Success. When I found out about this new program from him, I immediately joined it. I wasn’t disappointed. Just like the original Singing Success, it exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think that it will be so much better than the first one because it was already so good, but to my surprise, Brett surpassed himself on this one. I particularly liked his lessons on songwriting. They have helped me greatly in composing a few pieces. Although I have a good singing voice, songwriting has always been my weakest point, and Brett’s course on that is helping me change that.

I strongly recommend Singing Success Online, specially to those who have already finished Brett’s original singing success.


Love it!!!!

I have been working on the Singing Success lessons for 2 years, and love it but the online lessons where you get to see them in process really has helped me!!!!! I learn so much more about chord closure, mix, connections ect. my head is spinning!!!! Love it!!!!

Jo Ellen

What a Great Lesson on Cord Closure!

It cleared so much up for Me. I have been stumblin’ around SS now for about a year and a half and I have steadily but (painfully slowly) been coming to understand the concepts and I knew that cord closure was key. I’m 54 and have been singing in clubs and in the Church for almost 30 years and have done so much damage to My voice that I had almost given up before “Accidentally” finding SS. I enjoy all the lessons but the technique is what I am trying to grasp correctly so I can build a voice again.


The Videos are Fantastic

Today, I am hitting Ebs and even an occasional E4. I am determined to get into the whistle reg., as I am convinced this will unlock a lot for me tonally.

Michael Harriton

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