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Sudoku for Kids is a collection of more than 120 Sudoku easy, medium and difficult puzzles that can keep your child engaged. The puzzles will also help your child develop logical reasoning skills and improve concentration.

These puzzles are designed for children older than 6, and they feature bright colors and graphics that will keep them interested and entertained. You can print as many puzzles as you want and make as many copies as you want. Even if your child makes a mistake, you can always print out a new copy and start over! 

Sudoku for Kids includes puzzles for players of all levels on different size grids. You'll also get 10 extra puzzles that contain a secret code word that children have to figure out. 

Sudoku for Kids is a perfect way to entertain and teach children. The entire set can be yours for only $7.95.  

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My Son is reluctant to put them away
On-Site Review

I have been working Sudoku puzzles now for a couple of weeks with my little boy peering curiously over my shoulder. He is soon to be seven years old and, despite having suffered a stroke before birth, has always been eager to learn and hungry for challenges. We worked the first four puzzles yesterday and he was reluctant to put it aside when it came time to leave.

Sudoku for Kids is well worth the price
On-Site Review

I downloaded the puzzles for my six-and-a-half year old granddaughter. I started her off about a week ago on 4 by 4s and she took to it like a duck to water. She graduated to 6 by 6s within about 45 minutes and finished her first 2-star 6 by 6 un-aided before bedtime. She even got up early the following morning to carry on!! Next week, she's on holiday with my wife and specifically asked me to find her some Su-Dokus and word searches to take with her. I visit Sudoku for Kids web site frequently, looking for colouring pictures, jigsaws (she loves doing those on my laptop, also her younger sister who is nearly 5 years old), jokes and word searches. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Su-Doku for Kids - well worth the price.

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