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Sugar addiction can have serious and permanent damage on your body. Not only that, it can lead to poor quality of life, since you will not be able to engage in a lot of activities. If you are currently suffering from this destructive addiction, Samantha Taylor’s Sugar Addiction Solution will help you get over it the safe and natural way. This breakthrough program guarantees to make your sugar addiction and your sugar cravings disappear in about 14 days. Once you get started on this program, you will enjoy less fatigue, mood swings, mental fogginess, depression, and PMS symptoms. Also, you will start enjoying more energy and start feeling better about yourself.

The Sugar Addiction Solution program is composed of 3 core videos that take you by the hand through your battle against sugar addiction. The first video covers a 14-day diet plan that teaches you step-by-step how you can totally get rid of sugar in your meals. It also takes you through the first 3 days of the program, which are commonly the most difficult. The next video deals with the effects of sugar on the body, as well as fighting temptations and cravings. It focuses on helping you establish a healthy lifestyle, which is free from bad eating habits. In the last video, you will get tips on how to have sugar occasionally without getting hooked to it again. Here, you will learn how to maintain your sugar-free life, so you can continue reaping the rewards of a healthy body. Aside from these videos, a manuscript is included as your quick reference.

All in all, Samantha Taylor’s Sugar Addiction Solution is perfect for anyone who is already addicted to sugar, and those who are feeling extraordinary sugar cravings that can lead to addiction. With its simple and easy-to follow videos, you will surely be free from your destructive cravings in less than a month.

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Made a positive difference in my life!
On-Site Review

I ate so much of it I was called by everyone in my office the 'Chocolate Lady'. I felt there is NO WAY Samantha was going to get me off of it for I had been addicted to sugar ever since I was a child. As an adult I always heard that women need chocolate so I figured it was okay and I didn't even know I was addicted to it. But then I got to a point where I could not go a day without eating lots of chocolate; I would crave it constantly and binge on it but the result was always the same, feeling terrible.

Getting free from the addiction to sugar has made such a positive difference in my life!

Now after going through Samantha's program I can proudly say I am no longer controlled by chocolate, I control the chocolate. I still occasionally have some; I have not completely eliminated it from my life because I have learned from Samantha how to have balance. I now can have a small piece and not have it again for a week and not even crave it. I have never been able to do that in my entire life and I am 47! Samantha told me that I could be free from it and not even want it anymore; but I didn't believe her. It's really amazing how what she teaches you really does work.

Before I met her I felt really unhealthy; I just didn't feel good, it was hard to get out of bed, I was having a hard time concentrating and I had a headache every day. I literally thought if the way I felt continues, I didn't know how I was going to make it through the next five years. I felt so bad, I even went to a Doctor to see if something was wrong with me and he didn't find anything. It never occurred to me that sugar was causing these problems. I did her program because I was tired of feeling bad and tired of being tired.

Now after doing Samantha's program I have lost the last 15 lbs that I could NOT lose for 10 years, I have more energy so I can run 3 miles a day, I feel good about myself, no more headaches and I am happy. My life has changed from her program, it really has and I am so glad I decided to do it even though I was a little nervous to. Samantha's 'Sugar Addiction Solution' has really been the solution for me and has made such a positive difference in my life.

former sugar addict for over 40 years!

Definitely worth it...
On-Site Review

Now that I have done Samantha's program and have been off sugar for 3 weeks, I'm just amazed at how it doesn't have more of a stronghold on me. It's just shocking me that it's not making me crazy being without it, like I thought it would. I thought if I tried to give it up that it would be all I would think about. Even after the first few days of coming off it doing it the way Samantha showed me how, it started to feel like it didn't have control over me at all anymore; it's just amazing to me! And you know what? I feel so good! I am not tired in the afternoon. I don't get the crash anymore. I just feel so good!

I don't feel bloated! I used to feel bloated all the time and now my stomach doesn't look bloated anymore. I was always fighting the stomach issue but now that looks so much better and I'm just really happy about it! I give Samantha all the credit because I know I never could have done it, unless I heard her talk about it, and it gave me the courage to do it because I don't think I would have done it; I really don't. I have tried and it has never worked. Samantha is such a real, transparent person and I don't think I would have had the courage to do this if I hadn't heard about her struggles and hearing her openness about it.I feel so much better!

I don't miss it at all! I don't miss the control it had over me. I don't miss trying to sneak it, the sense of hiding it, and I'm just really amazed that it doesn't have more control over me. Every time I start thinking about my past relationship with sugar, it's seems like it was a drug, and that I had a drug addiction, and I know that some people compare it, sugar to certain drugs, and how it can have a control over you; well, I would have never thought that about me, until I did your program. I finally said to myself, "Gosh! It's like I was some kind of ex-addict!"

And I just like my body so much better; I like how I feel so much better; I like the person that I am more. I know that it was controlling me. I like everything about NOT having it in my life, it's so much freedom. I would like to shout it from the rooftop! If you are thinking of doing this, just do it because you will be amazed of the difference in your body if you just, a few days with sugar out. Almost everything that you have going on with your body, I could probably relate back to sugar because of the inflammation.

I know how much control it has over people; and that it had over me but now I am FREE from the control of it. It's worth it; it can change your life!

Ann McCormick

On-Site Review

Before I met Samantha, I didn't think I had a problem with sugar and I didn't ever think of wanting to stop eating it. But then when I read her journal and thought about my life I said, 'Oh no! I definitely am addicted to sugar!' After reading her literature it all made sense and I realized I was going to be better without it.
“I didn’t know those mood swings were from sugar; I thought it was my hormones!”

I knew how bad I was feeling at the time and reading her stuff made me want to feel better and get off of it. After that first week I could not believe how easy it was; I didn't even want it. I don't tell myself I can never have it again because that would want me make it more. Now, I just know it's not healthy for me and it doesn't make me feel good so I choose not to eat it. I remember reading in Samantha's journal entries, she was just like me; if I had birthday cake, I could eat the whole cake before the end of the day but now since doing her program it's so different.

I even had piece of cake on my daughter's birthday but that's it! And it's been on the counter for a week and I haven't even touched it! I could have never ever, ever done that before. I had it that time but the difference since I have done Samantha's program, it's not that addictive desire that I used to have. Through her, I realized that I know that I'll never be satisfied with sugar and that's something that's really given me strength. That I could eat it again but it won't satisfy me, I would just have to keep eating it and eating it. And there is never a point that you are really ever satisfied. It's good that she pointed that out because I had to reach that point too, where I did learn that every time I eat it, it's just never enough! You always tell yourself, 'Well, let me just do this, this one last time.' I have even thrown something away, but if it landed just right in the trash can, I go, 'Oh! You know, I can get it back out, and it's okay (especially when it's in your own trash).'

When I listened to her materials, the word addiction got to me because I knew that I loved it, ate it all the time and wanted it, but I didn't like the sound of addiction. When I heard her story I saw that it was just like me and it just hit me hard to face that I was addicted to it. As I followed her plan I was surprised at how easy it was, once I got off of it and the sugar was out of my body.

I didn't believe Samantha when she told me after I got sugar out of my body, that I wouldn't crave it, and that I will be able to look at it and not eat it; I did NOT believe her. But it's true and it's amazing! I was even at this function where I used to eat like 5 sweets but only one week later, it was around me and I wasn't even tempted; I was surprised it was so easy! The wild thing for me is I've had a few times that my mouth watered over vegetables instead of sugar! I've never felt this way before; that healthier foods started to be very appealing and that happened within the first 14 days! I was on diets for 25 years but this is the first time that I do feel more of a lifestyle change; it's definitely different than anything I've ever done and it does NOT feel like a diet.

Before I got on her program, I was dealing with a lot of emotional stuff, crying a lot and now I am much happier, hardly cry at all and I have very few emotional swings. I have more energy and I feel better, there's definitely a difference when I'm not on sugar and I had NO idea until she encouraged me to go off of it. It's hard to believe all those mood swings were from sugar, for I thought it was my hormones.

And if there is anyone reading this that is addicted to it, emotional, tired, can't live without it or don't think you were addicted to it; I just want to tell you that you can do it with Samantha's program. It's something I never would have ever thought I could do and it's amazing, it's just…it's unbelievable that I feel like this and no one could have ever told me I could feel this way and I would have believed them. So, you just have to experience it yourself. I thought I liked it, enjoyed eating it, needed it, wanted it, but I didn't think I was addicted. So I guess, that probably was the biggest thing at first and I thought, 'I'm going to fight this; I'm not going to be addicted or let this rule my life.' Once I got passed this first 4 days, it was amazing! The change was unbelievable!


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